Strategy and progress

Group of Environment staff standing on green roof

Inspire change - Lead by example

These are two of the teaching and research principles at the core of everything that happens in the Faculty of Environment since it was created in 1969. Our professors, students, and alumni have a record of making innovative, practical contributions to many areas of the environmental field.

The Faculty’s integrative approach combines the study of both the natural and human environments by bringing together geographers, ecologists, and planners as well as experts in green business, tourism, environmental governance and policy making, economic development, and sustainability.

The Faculty has built its success upon UWaterloo’s core values of innovation, high quality, and an outward-looking perspective.

After nearly four decades as a leader in environmental education, research, and advocacy, the Faculty is at an important juncture in its history. It is sharpening its focus on seeking creative solutions to some of the most urgent environmental problems of our times.

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