Connection to the University of Waterloo Strategic Plan

In 2013, the University of Waterloo launched its Strategic Plan, “A Distinguished Past — A Distinctive Future”. The Faculty of Environment’s Strategic Plan is positioned to contribute in meaningful and distinctive ways to the University’s ambitious plan.

Experiential education for all

As a campus leader in experiential learning, we will ensure that all our students have opportunities for meaningful and varied out-of-the-classroom learning.

A uniquely entrepreneurial university

Embedded in the University’s entrepreneurial spirit, we will contribute to Waterloo’s global leadership in entrepreneurship education and practice, especially in the areas of social innovation and green entrepreneurship.


Transformational research

We will continue our longstanding tradition of tackling complex environmental and social issues in innovative and interdisciplinary ways, thus contributing to transformational research that addresses existing and emerging global challenges.

Outstanding academic programming

We will ensure outstanding academic programming by continual review, co-operation across departments, schools and programs, and increased use of alternatives to traditional lectures.


Global prominence and internationalization

We will build on our impressive record of growth over the past decade in order to further develop our international research network and enhance international opportunities for students.

Vibrant student experience

We will build on our strong reputation as a student-focused Faculty to create more opportunities for student enrichment and to ensure that students receive the support necessary to develop their full potential.


Robust staff-employer relationship

We are fully committed to being an exemplary employer and will provide opportunities and encouragement for staff and faculty to develop professionally.

Promoting a sound value system

We are committed to the value system articulated in the University’s Strategic Plan 2013, and will play a leadership role on campus in articulating and living out sustainability values.


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