Conduct impactful research that transcends disciplinary boundaries in addressing complex environmental and societal issues.

From its inception, the Faculty of Environment has engaged in scholarship that addresses important environmental and societal issues. Our research is integrative in nature, drawing on concepts, theories, methods and substantive knowledge in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. As such, we are uniquely positioned to help solve the complex sustainability challenges facing the world today.

Our objectives are to:

  • Foster a culture of research excellence by offering a supportive environment for all aspects of the research enterprise.
  • Continue the Faculty’s upward trajectory with respect to research output and impact by strategically pursuing funding and partnership opportunities, and by recruiting strong researchers.
  • Increase our research impact by honing the Faculty’s research identity and leveraging our identity for fundraising and graduate-student recruitment.
  • Provide more capacity for research by creating and reconfiguring physical and virtual spaces.
  • Increase doctoral student enrolment by engaging faculty in pro-active recruitment and by providing more competitive funding.

Student doing sample analysis in the Ecology Lab.


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