Share the story of the Faculty to enhance our reputation with varied audiences, extend the impact of our research, and inspire environmental action.

With research that forms the bridge between the natural and human environments, our work impacts the lives of people at the local, national and global level. This creates compelling stories that are uniquely relatable to the human experience. Sharing these stories is critical in attracting talented people, generating support for our work, and establishing the Faculty of Environment as an influential voice in shaping the sustainable future of our world.

Our objectives are to:

  • Optimize the Faculty’s outreach potential and increase our impact by coordinating communication efforts.
  • Build our collective reputation by profiling our achievements and capitalizing on transformational research and teaching.
  • Provide more opportunities for our students by deepening student, staff, faculty and alumni relationships.
  • Inspire the next generation of leaders to shape a sustainable future by focusing outreach and storytelling towards youth audiences, e.g. the Waterloo Unlimited high school enrichment program.
  • Extend our reach by providing a stronger allocation of resources to traditional and social media communications, and to community programming.

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