faculty of environment's staff, faculty and students on the EV3 patio Foster a collaborative community of engaged students, staff, faculty and alumni who are proud to be part of our Faculty and feel empowered and supported to contribute to our collective vision.

Despite substantial growth over the past five years, the Faculty remains a close-knit community. As we continue to welcome an influx of new faces, this is an ideal time to reassess how we work together across schools and departments, across the campus, and in our various partnerships in order to ensure efficiency and unlock new opportunities.

Our objectives are to:

  • Continue to foster and respect a breadth of cultural and disciplinary perspectives by recruiting and nurturing talented people from around the world.
  • Support our people in their professional and academic development by ensuring opportunities for training, professional development and international experience.
  • Enhance the vibrancy of our intellectual community by providing more opportunities for mentorship and peer-to-peer learning relationships.
  • Spark creativity and improve our collective efficiency and efficacy by encouraging and supporting teamwork and collaborative approaches across departments and faculties.
  • Increase undergraduate students’ engagement by building on our successes. e.g., Living-Learning Community partnership with St. Paul’s University College.
  • Ensure that technology-enabled tools and services meet the needs of students, instructors, researchers and administrators by adapting to change, maintaining stability in IT service provision, and promoting relevant training.
  • Empower our people as ambassadors of the Faculty’s vision by supporting student, staff and faculty initiatives to advance sustainability on and off campus.
  • Deepen and extend our external relationships by working with alumni and others who share our vision.

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