Continue to build our reputation as a national and global leader by offering a range of unique and highly regarded educational programs related to environment and sustainability.

With multiple one-of-a-kind programs as well as traditional academic departments and schools, the Faculty of Environment truly offers environmental education from all angles. As we move forward, we will embrace the complexity of the issues we study in order to educate graduates who will have the critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collaborative skills to be effective contributors to building a sustainable future for humanity.

Our objectives are to:

  • Attract the best and the brightest students by focusing recruitment efforts and scholarship support in strategic ways.
  • Enable students to reach their full potential by maintaining a flexible learning environment that embraces individual talents and interests.
  • Incorporate student-centric approaches, experiential learning, and technology-assisted learning in our curriculum at every level of study by making program modifications and enhancements.
  • Partner with external stakeholders to enrich our educational programming and ensure that our students have the background and skills necessary to compete and contribute after graduation.
  • Enhance our world-class graduate programs by working across departments and schools to harness synergies.
  • Leverage and develop new strategic partnerships to increase international enrolment and create more research and learning opportunities for our students to participate in international activities and gain exposure to global influences.
  • Increase student engagement and access by appropriately integrating alternate course delivery formats and providing more research opportunities for students.
  • Respond to emerging societal needs by focusing growth on graduate education and targeted undergraduate programming.
  • Increase Faculty visibility, reputation, and engagement across campus and beyond by designing and delivering sustainability curriculum for new on-campus and off-campus audiences.

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