Demonstrate an ethos of caring in all that we do

In its 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, the University of Waterloo commits to being, “a people-centred institution committed to genuine care, concern, respect, inclusivity and well-being for all” (refer to the University of Waterloo Strategic Plan 2020-2025 at The Faculty of Environment will work in alignment with the whole campus to achieve this goal.

Further, the Faculty of Environment will respond to one another and to societal and environmental challenges in ways that reflect a deep sense of caring for one another and for the planet that we share with other peoples and species. We will:

› Create, model, and support a culture of wellbeing for students, staff and faculty.

› Offer varied learning environments to support students with different learning styles and backgrounds.

› Focus on the student experience.Work with graduate students to create and steward communities of learning.

› Continually review student-facing roles to ensure excellent academic support.

› Provide staff with more opportunities for professional growth.Better support research faculty

In order to be caring of those things that go beyond our campus, we must be engaged on broader societal issues. Accordingly, we will:

› Thoughtfully and respectfully engage with members of Indigenous communities to forge a path whereby our activities are increasingly aligned with the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

› Increase our faculty’s capacity to offer informed opinion, analysis, and debate on local and global environmental and sustainability policy issues.


people sitting together and having a conversation


spent to build community and research-cluster space for undergraduate and graduate students


created to support student innovation and entrepreneurship



committed to graduate student funding over the past five years through the Dean’s Doctoral Initiative, which has at its core the principle of independent and open inquiry while providing guaranteed financial support to doctoral students.


National Applied Research Hub on flood mitigation and climate adaptation


A plan to unite us and makes us believe in our individual and collective potential

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