Specific steps taken to develop the Faculty plan:

Spring Term 2017

A series of open houses were organized for faculty, staff and student leaders (attendance >100). Each open house focused on one of the eight themes in the University’s 2013-2018 strategic plan, and began with a short presentation followed by a discussion organized around a set of questions. These sessions were intended to explore how well the faculty has delivered on these eight themes, and how they connect with future priorities.

Spring and Fall Terms 2018

Several small-group consultations were held with alumni, department/ school chairs, staff leaders, associate deans, and student leaders in order to develop a framework for thinking about our achievements over the past five years and our aspirations for the next five years.

Beginning in the spring of 2018, the University of Waterloo engaged in a structured and highly consultative strategic planning exercise with the interim period referred to as ‘Bridge to 2020,’ and the next plan covering 2020-2025. The Faculty of Environment’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan was developed over the same time period, based on stakeholder input.

Winter 2019

The dean attended a departmental/school meeting for each of the five units, and also conducted staff meetings, in order
to share a draft framework for 2020-2025 priorities and to solicit input. The input received was translated into 107 statementsof potential goals/objectives/targets; and faculty, staff, and students were asked to provide their feedback. Feedback was received in two ways; through an online survey sent out to all faculty, staff, and students as well as through poster boards in public spaces where priorities were marked withstickers and/or notes added.

Spring 2019

Based on the survey results, five themes and 23 commitments were identified as potential building blocks of the faculty’s 2020-2025 plan. These were summarized in a four-page document that was distributed to faculty administrators and staff leaders in Environment. Small-group meetings with subsets of these individuals occurred to help refine content.

August 2019

A second draft was prepared for distribution to selected external stakeholders, based on the above input and also considering the draft University plan, which was just completed.

Spring 2019

Further group consultations occurred with academic and administrative units, and associated revisions to the plan.

January 2020

The Plan, Together for a sustainable future, was adopted at Faculty Council in January 2020.

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