Mark McKayMark McKay, President and CEO, Highcourt Partners Limited, (BES ’86, Geography)

Whatever your industry, wherever your business, growing knowledge is a sustainable model. It’s a strategy Mark McKay (BES ’86) has put to use to grow a next-level insurance brokerage, and with it, a reputation for integrity, professionalism and world-class caring.

Founded in 2011, Highcourt Partners Limited (HPL) now has offices in Toronto, Aurora and Vancouver. Mark serves as President & CEO overseeing operations, international partnerships, client’s relationships, capital raising and strategic consulting assignments. His clients range from the global Fortune 500 to local start-ups and his expertise spans many industries - from medical and pharmaceutical to manufacturing and from farming to real estate. It’s earned Mark a reputation for an “encyclopedic knowledge” of insurance. But Mark believes it is not enough to simply provide information and coverage to his customers, he delivers valuable business insights and best in class standards genuinely helping companies and individuals at some of their most critical times.

As a business leader, Mark is an advocate for sustainable growth, noting that daily micro-decisions can aggregate to preserving and protecting finite resources. “All too often the mantra is grow, grow then sell - with no real endpoint or purpose other than monetizing - and mostly to foreign buyers. Thus our purpose needs to be moderate growth or temper consumption.”

Over his career Mark authored many white papers and has spoken to a range of industry associations such as the Treasury Management Association, Toronto Computer Law Group, the Risk Management Society, Canadian Toy Association, the Scaffold Industry Association, investment banks, project financiers and law firms.

With a proven ability to build assets and generate profit while balancing the need to fairly reward performance, Mark is consistently named to the Top 30 Elite Brokers list in Canada, and HPL was ranked seventh in the Top 10 Brokerage list.

In addition to his HPL responsibilities, Mark serves as a director on the boards of Research Insurance Corporation SPC Limited, Helix Insurance Corporation SPC Limited, Emerald PIC, TrueNorth CX Inc. and FixT Wireless Limited. Mark also serves on the HDI Global broker panel is chairman of the Global Advisory Board of UnisonSteadfast and HPL’s U.S. operations.

Mark sees volunteerism and philanthropy as a way to keep Canada healthy. He has served as a board member for Big Brothers and has been a significant sponsor for the Hamilton Health Sciences Centre at McMaster University, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Pathways to Education.

Man with arms around three adult daughters at restaurantMcKay with his daughters

Mark has excelled through every stage of his career, motivated by a desire to leave a “Made in Canada” legacy. A devout family man and proud Waterloo alumnus, Mark credits his education with shaping his world view. “The greatest inspiration comes from understanding causal connections between all the networks in the world, at home and abroad. This came primarily from my interest in spatial relationships within the classical study of geography, which then led to a strong desire to see the world and ask a million questions about everything.