Meaghan King smilingSince graduating from the Faculty of Environment in 2009, Meaghan King has led an exemplary career in Canada's foreign service and quickly becoming one of Canada's best young diplomats.   

Her first position out of school was as an intern with Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. King was deployed in Trade and Environment Policy, where she advanced Canada's political and environmental interests.

In this role, she was the Government of Canada representative for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) – responsible for implementing the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC), the environmental side agreement to NAFTA. King liaised with her counterparts from the United States and Mexico as well as at the Secretariat of the CEC to select, fund, and monitor the success of cross-border environmental projects related to free trade (including an environmental assessment on the NAFTA).

Thanks to her dedication, determination and courage King has risen quickly in her career.

As the Second Secretary and Vice Consul to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Republic of Iraq, King played key roles in hiring staff and managing Canada's embassy in Baghdad and the trade office in Erbil. As a diplomat in one of the most fractious regions of the world, she faced work challenges well beyond many of her peers and has met all of them. She dealt with cases of fraud at the embassy and played a lead role in the assisted departure of Canadians leaving the Gaza Strip during last year's conflict, so that they could enter Jordan to safely return to Canada.

Upon returning to Canada in 2015 King worked on Consular Policy issues at Global Affairs Canada headquarters, providing briefings to senior management and Ministers on high-profile consular cases. In November she was asked to return to Amman, Jordan for a 6-week temporary assignment helping manage the Government of Canada’s intake of 25,000 Syrian refugees.

 King is now the First Secretary (Management) and Consul at the Embassy of Canada to Austria.