Peter WilliamsPeter W. Williams, Professor, Simon Fraser University. MA ’72, Geography.

An educator, researcher and strategic planner, Peter Williams has focused his career on making tourism more environmentally friendly.

As a professor at Simon Fraser University’s School of Resource and Environmental Management, he teaches policy, strategic planning and research methods courses to students and career professionals from around the globe. 

As a researcher, he is Director of the University’s Centre for Tourism Policy and Research, where he works to identify policies and practices to support more sustainable forms of natural resource based tourism development. 

Over the years, Williams has held many leadership, advisory board, and committee roles with professional and academic organizations including: the International Travel and Tourism Research Association, where he is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award; Association of Scientific Experts for the Study of Tourism; the Royal Canadian Geographical Society; and the British Columbia CEO Tourism Research Council. Williams is also a former president of both the Canadian and International Chapters of the Travel and Tourism Research Association, which encourages excellence in tourism research. Currently, Williams serves as the Chair of the provincially appointed British Columbia Tourism Research Advisory Council.

He obtained his Masters in Geography from University of Waterloo in 1972 and is a 2012 Faculty of Environment Alumni Achievement Award nominee.