School of Planning alumni profiles

John JungLeader and expert on development

Find out how John Jung's vision, dedication and tireless efforts have benefited the prosperity in the Waterloo Region.

Aaron StauchSelfless drive for the benefit of others

2013 Waterloo Region's Top 40 Under 40, Aaron Stauch spends his time helping in the community, managing a not-for-profit agency.

Brent ToderianAlways on the move

Brent Toderian is a recognized leader and expert in urbanism and city-making. He consults for developers in multiple engagements across the globe.

Joey Puopolo headshotThe paper pioneer

Learn how this Planning alumnus is revolutionizing how we print with one of the countries hottest environmental start-ups.

Devin Causely surrounded by ice wearing sunglassesHelping cities adapt to climate change

Devin Causely (BES '98, MES '06) works for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities developing practical ways cities can apply sustainability practices while improving their bottom line at the same time.

DudeTransportation and traffic expert

After completing his Masters in Regional Planning and Resource Development at University of Waterloo in 1993, Dr. Ali Rafsanjani earned his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Wales in 1996.

Mike Labbe standing in front of a brick wall, looking to the rightMaking home ownership an option

As president and CEO of the non-profit organization Options for Homes, Urban & Regional Planning grad Mike Labbé has helped over 3700 families achieve home ownership.

Ali Memon sitting in crowded library with book openShaping the planning field in New Zealand

A respected scholar with an international reputation, Dr. Ali Memon received his Masters in Planning in 1970. Since then, he has authored or edited 11 books, 22 book chapters and 75 refereed journals.

Smiling headshot of Todd Pokrywa in a dark suit and red tieOverseeing Florida's largest "green certified" community

With 18 years of experience in Florida land use development, Todd J. Pokrywa serves as a Corporate Officer and Vice President of Planning of Schroeder-Manatee Ranch, Inc.

Joseph dal molin headshotBringing I.T. into healthcare

Joseph Dal Molin, president of E-Cology, and a 1976 Geography graduate is an established global leader in the implementation of EHR worldwide.

MacKenzie KeastFind the best way of doing things, always

Co-author of “Make This City: The State of Urban Manufacturing,” Mackenzie Keast looks at how to rebuild and foster local manufacturers.

John lounds headshotBeneath every city, a once great landscape

John Lounds has made it his career fighting to preserve Canada’s biodiversity and protect some of the country’s most threatened landscapes without sacrificing the potential greatness of the city.

Scott Lowrey headshotTaking environmental awareness into the classroom

Scott Lowrey has taken both the academic and personal lessons he learned while at the School of Planning into his own work as an elementary school principal for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

Srdjan Pejcic headshotA slam dunk in environmental design

Srdjan Pejcic has pursued one of his professional aspirations that he nurtured while at the University of Waterloo. He’s now a professional basketball player in Italy.

Ian MacNaughtonPlanning's first grad truly a pioneer

One of three students who graduated in the first-ever Planning class, was Ian MacNaughton, an entrepreneur who went on to found one of the more influential planning consultancies in the province.

Mary Reimer headshotFrom bus to train to tube

Mary Riemer followed her passion for city planning through her entire career at the University of Waterloo, to her current position as planner with Translink in Vancouver, British Columbia.