A 2015 Alumni Achievement Award nominee:

Raju GotetiA leader in information technology services, Raju Goteti began his academic career at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India, before coming to Canada to complete his masters degree in Engineering at Memorial University. After two-decades of work in his field, Goteti decided to begin a new career where he could “give-back” to society. In pursuit of his goal he achieved a post-graduate executive diploma in Social Innovation at the University of Waterloo.

In early 2015, Goteti was appointed to vice-president of Tata Consultancy Services, with the task of driving “The Co-Innovation Network,” (COIN,) their new global innovation program he created in 2014. The COIN program reaches 50 universities and hundreds of start up companies globally, encouraging partnership in an open environment. Additionally, Goteti lead the Research Scholar Program at Tata Consultancy Services which is now a Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

With a passion for enhancing collaboration between Canadian and Indian start-up companies and academic institutions, Goteti co-led Mi-100, a program aiming to create 100 start-up companies between the two countries. In addition to helping entrepreneurs, Goteti worked to build partnerships between Canadian and Indian educational institutions. One successful partnership being that of an agreement between Seneca College in Toronto and the College of Engineering in Prune, India.

Goteti’s efforts in achieving bi-national collaboration led to his nomination for Program Chair of the 2014 Pan-IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) International Conference in Toronto. He deems the planning and execution of the conference as one of his greatest personal achievements.

A leader in the local Indian community, Goteti serves as vice president on the board of IIT Alumni of Canada. Throughout his professional achievements, Goteti has maintained ten years of association with Lokakalyan, a program focusing on creating social change in the slums of urban Hyderabad, India. A mentor and advisor for the program, Goteti assumed a role of community ownership and focused on providing supplementary education for 100 children pledging a 100 per cent matching contribution to all saving done by students.