A 2015 Alumni Achievement Award nominee:

Scott LowreyScott Lowrey has taken both the academic and personal lessons he learned while at the School of Planning into his own work as an elementary school principal for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. 

A dedicated community builder, Lowrey received Canada's Outstanding Principals (COP) recognition in 2005, the inaugural year of the COP program for initiatives relating to early literacy and the creation of a multigenerational continuum of community services encompassing society’s youngest to society’s most senior.

Having graduated from with a graduate degree in 1989, Lowrey has taken on the challenge of bringing environmental awareness and international development issues into the classrooms he manages at George L. Armstrong School.

He built instructional capacity, promoted collaborative learning cultures, fostered collective staff efficacy, and reinforced a positive school climate throughout the implementation of SAGE (Scholastics, Arts and Global Education) Quest under the Programs of Choice umbrella into George L. Armstrong School’s instructional practices. For example, the 30 Hours of Famine Relief was one initiative that began during his tenure at Armstrong and continues at the high school to this day.

The sustainability of that initiative is an outcome of a grassroots approach where student voice, in combination with community commitment, identified an environmental issue to mitigate.

Lowrey remains active in fostering, mentorship, talent development, capacity building, and student voice. Since 2008-2009 he has continuously served as community preceptor for McMaster BScN Program’s Community Professional/Clinical Practice Courses.