School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS) alumni profiles

MJ PattersonEntrepreneur for the faculty

REEP Green Solutions was established with the help of Mary Jane Patterson, eventually to become a non-profit, promoting positive environmental action.  

Eric MalliaA career conversion

Unsatisfied in his business career, SERS grad Eric Mallia wanted a job that was sustainable. Now he is the manager of a hot eco start-up.  

tim pattersonWatershed sleuth

This SERS alumn uses a mix of GIS data, historical maps and good old fashioned intuition to find and secure dangerous abandoned wells.  

Ian Jackson headshotThe eco-activist turned entrepreneur

As President of Nadurra Wood Corporation, Ian Jackson supplies FSC certified hardwood and bamboo flooring/plywood and reclaimed wood.  

Ramsey Hart looking lean and meanMining for the truth

Though he doesn’t take it personally, most mining companies would rather Ramsey Hart did not exist. “That’s true in most, if not all cases,” admits the Environment and Resource Studies alumnus.  

Candace WormsbeckerGrowing food for the community

Candace Wormsbecker did her master's thesis on local food. But studying it wasn't enough for her. Now she operates Transpire Organic, a community-supported agriculture farm outside Waterloo.

Jackie McMillanEating straight from nature

When Jackie McMillan looks at an overgrown yard or trail, what she sees for the most part isn’t weeds. She's a consultant on wild food and encouraging children with autism to thrive in nature.  

Atul NandaRecycler extraordinaire

Inspired by a trip to India, Atul Nanda helped establish Toronto’s first recycling program. Later, he started his own venture, Recyclable Materials Marketing, now one of the top five firms in the market.  

Taarini Chopra headshotPlanting the seeds of diversity

In the few short years following Taarini Chopra’s graduation, she has done an outstanding job advancing our understanding of seeds and diversity, as it relates to food security and the global south.  

Darcy Higgens HeadshotUniting to mobilize food movement

Founder and Executive Director of Food Forward Advocacy Alliance, Darcy Higgins developed an organization advocating for sustainable food and food access policy in Toronto.   

Meaghan King headshotConnecting Canada with the world through diplomacy

Since graduating from the Faculty of Environment in 2009, Meaghan King has led an exemplary career in Canada's foreign service.   

Laura Zizzo headshotCreating Canada's first climate change focussed law firm

Named “Lawyer making a difference” by the National Post, Laura Zizzo is an environmental lawyer looking to leave the world in better shape for the next generation.  

Ryan Kennedy headshotHelping Canada go smoke-free

Scientist, lecturer and geographer, Ryan Kennedy is an Environment and Resource Studies alumni with a focus on public health.   

Stephen Thompson headshotCultivating collaboration between private and public

Bridging his academic knowledge with real-world applications, Stephen Thompson’s expertise with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) made him a key contributor to an online commercial property system.  

David Mamorek International expert in adaptive management modeling

David Marmorek is an aquatic ecologist who has led ground-breaking work in the restoration and assessment of human-involved impacts to natural landscapes. 

Adam BennettSecuring Ontario's Energy

Adam Bennett, the Physical Security Manager for Hydro One has been instrumental in protecting the electricity grid of Ontario by working with government and industry partners to ensure that ongoing threats to the system are identified, prevented and dealt with. 

Roger SantiagoExcellence in environmental remediation

Roger Santiago's leadership on the Randle Reef Sediment Remediation Project is an example of innovation and collaboration being used to clean up a horrible industrial legacy and rejuvenate Hamilton’s waterfront for future generations to enjoy.

Josh SheaDedicated environmentalist and educator

For the past 10 years, Josh Shea has worked as the Natural Area Coordinator for the City of Kitchener and has been an integral part of the city’s impressive revitalization efforts. 

Dominique SourisMobilizing youth toward climate action

Dominique Souris demonstrates her passion for international climate policy as co-founder and executive director of Youth Climate Lab (YCL), a global non-profit working to advance climate policy and entrepreneurship.

Kevin O'Reilly Responsible resource management

With more than two decades of environmental and social justice advocacy, Kevin O'Reilly is a national expert on abandoned mines, the perpetual care of contaminated sites, and independent environmental monitoring and oversight boards. 

Katie BayleyCertified green 

As the Program Manager, Development and Operations at EnerQuality, Katie Bayley is designing a new certification program that will help the home building industry keep up with the advances in the energy efficiency market. 

Tania ChengSustainability and philanthropy 

Tania Cheng is the associate director of Ontario EcoSchools, an organization working with the public school system to foster environmental awareness in the classroom and engage the next generation of sustainability leaders. 

Cheuk Ying Siu Climbing great heights 

Cheuk Ying Siu is changing corporate culture to address ethical sourcing and labour issues of globalization. She is also a Toronto Climbing Academy volunteer and involved alumni.

Corey DiamndMaking Canada more energy efficient

Corey has more than two decades of experience leading social change organizations focused on engaging people to act on critical environmental and social issues.

Kent MartenMapping the future

Kent Marten has dedicated his career to making it easier for people and organizations to access and understand spatial data. Over his career Kent has worked on some of the most critical problems in the geospatial industry.