A 2015 Alumni Achievement Award nominee:

Sherine Farid Said

Sherine M. A. F. Said is a recent graduate of the Local Economic Development program, having received her degree in 2015. Leading up to this academic accomplishment, Said has become professionally distinguished in the fields of economics and business both nationally and internationally.

One of the many highlights of Said’s successful career has been her employment with the Embassy of the United States of America where she contributed to a security action plan with the United States Customs & Border Protection and the Department of Energy to implement new security screening devices at Egypt’s seaports. Continuing her work on Egypt’s borders, Said efficiently allocated the resources of Egyptian Customs Authorities to reduce the implementation phase time of the new screening devices by 50 per cent.

In addition to her work with the Embassy, Said has held numerous international roles such as holding the title of the economic development and communication consultant with the Canadian International Development Agency and served as the liaison between U.S. official delegations and Egyptian authorities. These high-profile positions provided Said with the opportunity to plan sensitive official visits, accompany U.S. officials, members of Congress and directors of numerous federal departments.

In 2013, Said became the first non-Turkish, and only female, representative of the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association to help foster trade between Canada and Turkey.

Drawing on her international expertise and background in business and economics, Said established her own business development firm in Canada where she offers business and economic development services to help local and international clients achieve their goals. In the creation of her own company, Said worked diligently to train seven interns within Canada and three international interns overseas.

Said volunteered her services, acting as a business development consultant for the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance, a non-for-profit organization that aims to attract foreign investment into the Greater Toronto Area. Her pro-bono work for the organization has resulted in the creation of an investment attraction mission and generated five per cent of the organization’s annual leads in less than one month.