A 2015 Young Alumni Award nominee:

Srdjan Pejcic​Srdjan Pejcic has pursued one of his professional aspirations that he nurtured while at the University of Waterloo. He’s now a professional basketball player in Italy. Though that is a big time commitment for the 2013 School of Planning graduate, Pejcic still finds time to engage his environmental side, and continue working on a career in environmental design that will benefit him after he hangs up his sneakers professionally.

While pursuing his dream of playing professional basketball, Pejcic was able to do some work in his professional field. He worked as a drafter designer for a company designing telecommunications towers.      

However, beyond playing professional basketball, Pejcic’s greatest accomplishment is his volunteer work. Pejcic has always believed that building a strong community is an essential part of developing himself as a person. As such he has selflessly offered his time as a volunteer basketball coach. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Volunteer yearly at all local Rick Hansen Charities
  • Volunteer at Bluevale C.I as a basketball teacher
  • Volunteer with Vipers Kitchener as basketball coach/ref
  • Volunteer with Wildhawk Waterloo as a basketball coach/ref
  • Volunteer as a mentor and head leader with Wolverine Waterloo Basketball
  • Volunteer as a speaker at Lester B. Person on the topic of our environment
  • Volunteer/Assistant at all levels of the national basketball for Canada and Bosnia