Tim CaneTim Cane, Director of Growth Services, Town of Innisfil (MES ’97, Regional Planning and Resource Development)

Tim Cane (MES '97) is a dedicated planner, change agent, and public servant, who doesn’t accept the status quo.

As the Director of Growth at the Town of Innisfil, Tim has helped put the town on the map for its innovative transit system. Innisfil Transit was the first in the world to partner with Uber, creating an on-demand, affordable, and safe transportation option for the community.

Built using the uberPOOL carpooling service, Innisfil Transit moved over 100,000 people last year to connect residents and catalyze placemaking.   The program offers residents flat fare rides to popular/placemaking destinations.  The system was also adapted to include a Fair Transit Program which offers 50% discounts to low-income households. It’s one example of how Tim has worked tirelessly to ensure that Innisfil Transit continues to evolve and fit the changing needs of the entire community.

The key to Tim’s success in implementing forward-thinking initiatives is his holistic view of both the community’s needs and the corporation’s objectives. This perspective informed the creation of The Orbit: Innisfil, a Transit Oriented Community vision that will grow Innisfil over the next 50 years while preserving natural heritage, and agricultural lands, and existing neighbourhoods.

The Orbit vision encapsulates the Town’s desire to grow differently and more responsibly over the longer term.  “There is so much more that can be done to improve our communities.  I want to keep pushing and disrupting, knowing there are better ways to create a sense of place and make ourselves more resilient,” he says.

Business people launching uber programTim Cane and the Innisfil team together with Uber at the launch of Innisfil Transit, 2017

Thanks to Tim’s leadership and expertise, the Town of Innisfil is recognized as an innovator in urban planning. Innisfil Transit won the 2018 Peter J Marshall Award from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and was the first Canadian municipality to receive the 2018 Robert Havlick Award from the Alliance for Innovation in the United States, an award given to local governments that have shown their dedication to stretching and improving the boundaries of day-to-day government operations, implementing creative business processes, and improving the civic health of communities.