a woman with a mask at a computerAs we navigate the changing realities of education and research during a global pandemic and prepare to return to campus, know that the health and safety of our students and employees will always be our primary focus. Learn about the Environment's plans for a safe and gradual return to campus and resources you can use to help keep our campus community safe and healthy.

Graduate student access to non-laboratory spaces

As graduate students, you have communicated interest in access to non-laboratory campus facilities to promote academic and research progress.  The Faculty of Environment is eager to accommodate your requests in ways that catalyze your academic success with an emphasis on safety. 

There are a common set of considerations and criteria to be used in the vetting of these requests, while still acknowledging the local conditions. These include:

  • The safety of students and the University Community is the primary consideration.  All members of the University community are encouraged to continue to work remotely unless there is a compelling need for access to campus.
  • Access to facilities will only be possible if students have been included in departmental/faculty occupancy considerations and plans.
  • Access to a campus facility at any time is limited by public health guidance on that facility’s occupancy limit.   
  • Students for whom their remote conditions create significant impediments to their academic and research progress will be given priority.  These challenges may include:
    • Insufficient or unreliable internet access;
    • Personal obligations such as child or family care that creates challenging environments;
    • Inability to access research resources that can’t be resolved remotely;
  • Other considerations as articulated by the faculties or departments to ensure safety compliance 

The Faculty of Environment encourages all graduate students to work remotely whenever possible.  However, we recognize that there are some cases where remote work is not possible or significantly compromises productivity. To request access, complete the 2 forms below and follow the instructions contained within the form to submit the application. Requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Environment Research Restart Committee.

Anyone approved to continue research must check-in and out each day they are using Environment space on campus using the form below:

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