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Saturday, May 19, 2018 — 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM EDT

Walter Jehne

Internationally recognized climate scientist, soil microbiologist and innovation strategist, Walter Jehne, will discuss the Soil Carbon Sponge, Agriculture and Climate Change.

Organized by Holistic Management Canada, the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario and the Soil Health Coalition- Erin.

Workshop: Exploring the Soil Carbon Sponge with Walter Jehne

​9:00 am - 4:30 pm


  • Full day workshop, no lunch - 1 Individual(s) - $75.00
  • Full day workshop, including lunch - 1 Individual(s) - $95.00
  • Morning workshop only - 1 Individual(s) - $40.00
  • Afternoon workshop only - 1 Individual(s) - $40.00
  • Lunch add-on - 1 Individual(s) - $20.00


  • Part 1: Morning (9am - 12pm) - Regenerating the Soil Carbon Sponge on your Farm
  • Part 2: Afternoon (1:30pm - 4:30pm) - Policies and Programs to Regenerate the Soil Carbon Sponge and Respond to Climate Change

*Lunch is available for an additional $20 (purchased separately or as part of a full-day pass).  There will be vegetarian options available.  More information to come after registration.  Questions can be directed to

​Open evening session: Soil Carbon Sponge Implications for Climate Change and Human Health with Walter Jehne

​7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Cost: This event is pay-what-you-can'. You can bring contributions to event or contact for other payment options.

A presentation with Walter Jehne, internationally recognized climate scientist, soil microbiologist and innovation strategist, discussing the Soil Carbon Sponge, agriculture and climate change. He will discuss information on the power of the Soil Carbon Sponge to help address climate change, biodiversity, food nutrition, food security and improve human health. In addition to the presentation, there will be an opportunity to connect with groups exploring these issues in the community.

This session is appropriate for all interested in soil health, agriculture, climate change and human health.

About Walter

Walter Jehne is an internationally recognized climate scientist, soil microbiologist and innovation strategist. He has immense field and research experience in forests, grasslands, agriculture and soils at national (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) and international (United Nations) level.  Walter’s scientific work has focused for many decades on plant root ecology, mycorrhizal fungi, glomalin, and soil carbon formation, as well as on biology's enormous influences in hydrological cycles, weather patterns, regional and global cooling, and cloud formation and rain precipitation.

Walter has also worked more broadly beyond science, at Federal Government level, leading transformation in industry and policy. This diversity of experience has given Walter a unique and exceptional capacity to devise solutions – turning challenges into opportunities. This year he was part of an invitation only UN Food and Agriculture Organization  conference in Paris looking at bringing soil into the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. Walter has a remarkable ability to explain complex science and economic paths forward in easy to understand ways.

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Free - $95
Ignatius Jesuit Centre
Orchard Park Office Centre
5240 Highway 6 North
Guelph, ON