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Wednesday, November 1, 2017 — 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM EDT


Completed in 2011, Environment 3 is the first LEED® Platinum certified building on an Ontario university campus.

To help us shape a sustainable future, we’re embarking on a bold initiative to attract the best and brightest graduate students to be the next generation of researchers in the field.

We invite you to join Dean Andrey at our graduate program open house to learn more about research opportunities offered in the Faculty of Environment -- the largest faculty of its kind in Canada. 

Enjoy a drink and some food while talking with faculty, staff and current students who can answer any questions you may have. 

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Professors attending

Prof Dept Research area
Andrew Trant SERS How environments affect ecological processes and patterns. Also, whether through eco-cultural legacies associated with long-term human settlements or more recent effects of climate change on species distributions or biodiversity
Olaf Weber SEED Environmental and sustainable finance with a focus on sustainable credit risk management, socially responsible investment.

Simon Courtenay

SERS The uses that fish and other animals make of aquatic environments and how human activities change that ecology
Brian Doucet Planning

Gentrification and neighbourhood change; Urban inequalities; Flagship developments and urban entrepreneurship; Grassroots movements and urban resistance

Luna Khirfan Planning
  • Urban stream daylighting/deculverting
  • Community climate change adaptation
  • Community engagement, participatory planning, and urban governance
  • Knowledge transfer and mobility
  • Historic preservation and cultural resource management

Larry Swatuk

SEED Africa; water management; environmental politics; the south in globalization; natural resources governance
Heather Hall SEED Innovation and entrepreneurship in rural and northern regions; regional economic development planning, policy and practice; community readiness and community impacts related to natural resource development; planning in slow-growth and declining communities

Johanna Wandel 

GEM The critical relationship between humans and the environment and specifically addresses vulnerability and adaptation assessments in relation to climate change

Neil Craik

SEED Public and regulatory law, with a focus on international environmental law, domestic and comparative environmental law, natural resources law and municipal and planning law.
Maria Strack Geography Soil greenhouse gas fluxes, wetland restoration, ecohydrology, organic soil physics
Michael Wood SEED

Organisational perceptions and responses to sustainability issues through the lens of space, time, scale, and social license to operate within the contexts of the insurance industry, mining, carbon management, Blue Economy, sustainable concerts and venues, and climate change and global security

Ellsworth LeDrew 

GEM Arctic dynamic meteorology and atmospheric synoptic studies; remote sensing of sea ice and snow cover; micrometeorology; remote sensing of corals and impact of climate change and variability on coastal ecosystems
Susan Elliott Geography Global environmental health, global water sanitation, gene-environment interactions and allergic disease

Jonathan Li

GEM 3D city modeling; feature extraction from image and LiDAR data; impervious surface mapping; digital terrain modeling and analysis; environmental visualization; multi-sensor data fusion; spatial sensor web; Internet GIS for risk and disaster management; informal settlement management in Southern Africa
Jason Thistlethwaite SEED Economic impacts of extreme weather and climate change within the financial sector, environmental governance and climate change adaptation

Steffanie Scott

GEM Agro-food system sustainability; small-scale producers; local food systems; organic and ecological food production; environment-development interfaces; East Asia and Canada
Jonathan Price GEM Hydrology of wetland systems, peatland and fenland systems from a management perspective but also from a restoration perspective, especially as a result of resource extraction processes
Jennifer Dean Planning

Public health and the built environment; Social inclusion, sense of place, place-making; Planning policy and theory for healthy and inclusive communities; Equitable planning through the life curse and for marginalized populations

Nancy Worth

GEM Feminist economic geography; (un)paid work, housing, precarity, social reproduction, inequalities, age and generations, and feminist theory
Markus Moos School of Planning

The economy and social structure of cities, and generational change and cities. Youthification of cities and urban housing markets. Residential location and commute patterns and sustainability policy and social justice in cities.

Joe Qian Planning

Comparative urban planning and policy

  • Land use planning and urban form
  • Land use reform and policy in China
  • Heritage conservation and planning in China

Brent Doberstein

GEM Resource and environmental management, with emphasis on developing countries; environmental impact assessment; sustainable development; capacity building; waste management; natural hazards
Ian Rowlands SERS

Managing energy use effectively & sustainability, renewable electricity in Canada and the U.S., solar energy

Rob Feick 

Planning Geographic information systems; multi-criteria analysis methods for land use planning; spatial decision support systems; public facility systems; development and resource management issues in small island states
Derek Armitage SERS

Human dimensions of environmental change and governance with a focus on oceans and coastal communities

Tara Vinodrai SEED & Geography Economic geography, creative cities, cultural industries, clusters & innovation, economic development policy, labour & employment

Rob Gorbet

KI The design of actuators made of shape memory alloys (SMA), for everything from car door locks to subtle next-generation actuation systems for responsive architectural environments
Clarence Woudsma Planning Issues related to freight transportation and logistics and transportation at all levels including the flows of people and goods that underpin social and economic interactions and the complex impacts of those flows.
Brendon Larson SERS Social dimensions of biodiversity conservation; rethinking the conservation of biodiversity in the context of global change
Leia Minaker Planning

Food access in cities; Food environment assessment; Population health intervention research; Public health and planning

Maren Oelbermann

SERS Agroforestry and soil ecosystems, especially in tropical regions
Amelia Clarke SEED Community sustainable development strategies; corporate social and environmental responsibility; campus environmental management.
Rob de Loë SERS

Water Policy and Governance

This event is free but registration is required.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

4:30-6:30 pm

Environment 3  - 3rd floor

Complimentary refreshments and appetizers served.

Visitor parking is available on campus. For the location of the closest lot, Lot C, see the campus map.

EV3 - Environment 3
3rd Floor
200 University Avenue West

Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1

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