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Fall 2017 Leadership Breakfast SeriesExport this event to calendar

Monday, September 18, 2017 — 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM EDT

Fall 2017 LBS PosterLeadership Breakfast Series

Join us for the third annual Leadership Breakfast Series, an initiative of the Faculty of Environment giving first-year Environment students the opportunity to connect with and learn from alumni through discussion and networking over breakfast.

Fall 2017 Topic

The topic of focus for September’s breakfast is “Coping with Change: Passion, Purpose, and Legacy”—learning how change affects our lives and aspirations in different ways.

Register here to attend; space is limited. 

Please note: If you register for this event but do not show up without notifying the Advancement Office by September 13, 2017, you will not be permitted to attend LBS events for the next 2 terms.

Brigitte RothBrigitte Roth
Program Coordinator, Project and Program Management, City of Guelph

As a certified environmental professional, Brigitte has extensive knowledge in environmental compliance, pollution prevention, management system audits and more. Even so, change is an ever-present part of her life, and is always a challenge. “If there’s one sure thing, it’s change,” she says. “Keeping that open mind and quickly adapting is probably your best skill.”

As a University of Waterloo alumni and generally helpful person, Brigitte is happy to help guide and provide answers to our students. She would be delighted to connect via email or LinkedIn.

Dana DecentDana Decent
Manager, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo

Dana recognizes that change is rarely easy for anyone, especially for the solution-seeking homeowners, communities and businesses she works with to limit the effects of climate change. It is, however, often inevitable. “Purely ‘coping with change’ suggests to me that you ‘put up with’ change,” she says, “whereas ‘embracing change’ means that you have a mindset where you welcome change where it’s needed.” To Dana, change for its own sake rarely makes sense, but she advises that one should never shy away from it because it’s “different.”

Dana is excited to give back to current students at the University of Waterloo, and is happy to connect after the event via email.

Delaney SwansonDelaney Swanson

Since graduating in 2013, Delaney has spent a great deal of her time travelling throughout Europe and Asia, all the while developing new and exciting skills and experiences. In this way, she embraces change as the only constant. But, to Delaney, change can also be frustrating, agonizing, and scary. “Most important in these situations is being clear on why you’ve invited this change into your life,” she says. “Why is this important to you and what’s exciting about it?”

Delaney loves sharing her experiences in the hopes of helping others feel like their dreams are more accessible to them. As she is travelling at present, the best way to contact her would be through her email.

Maria legaultMaria Legault
Program Coordinator, Digital Innovation Skills Certificate (DISC), Nautilus Consulting

Throughout her career, Maria has happily embraced continual change through contract work. From internships to self-employed consulting, she has had many different experiences in the short time since graduating. In fact, change is a recurring, and in Maria’s opinion, a beneficial aspect in her life. “In my career, I’ve seen the continuous need to keep learning and to keep up with my network and have real conversations with mentors,” she says, “I think change is something we’re all coping with in the 21st century.”

Maria is very willing to connect with students over email, LinkedIn, or even a cup of coffee.

Shannon MajorShannon Major
Environmental, Health & Safety Canadian Technical Practice Lead, AECOM Canada Ltd.

Shannon has gained over ten years of experience in environmental health and safety since graduating from the Environment and Business program at the University of Waterloo. To Shannon, change is about taking calculated risks, being aware of the boundaries you can work within and what rules you can break based on your calculated risks.  Coping with change requires being open to new possibilities and new ideas no matter how much they challenge the 'norm' or take you out of your comfort zone.  Change needs to be measured over time to monitor its effectiveness.

Shannon is driven to give back to younger generations looking for mentors and contacts to get their careers started. She looks forward to working with new cohorts to understand strategies they apply to cope with change, which help her to continue to manage effectively in her own organization. She is happy to connect with students via LinkedIn.

David WadeDavid Wade
President, Premier Environmental Services Inc.

David is the founder and President of a successful nation-wide environmental science and engineering business, established in 2002. Before starting Premier Environmental Services Inc., David gained extensive experience in the environmental consulting industry and government across Canada.

“Change is an inevitable part of all life on Earth,” David says. “Coping with change is really coping with life, in my mind.”

David remembers being a first year student and encountering a variety of situations he didn’t really expect. He hopes to give back to the community that gave him a great start, and is excited to share his experience with current students. If you wish to follow up with David, give him a phone call or send him an email.

Kathryn DeverKathryn Dever
Manager of Service Coordination and Improvement in Finance and Corporate Services, City of Kitchener

Since graduating in 1991, Kathryn has built a career in the public service, focused largely on the municipal sector. She has enjoyed eight different roles in the same organization over 20 years, and is thus open and welcoming to change whenever it presents itself. To Kathryn, coping with change is “seeing the positives, the path through, and helping others to do the same,” while maintaining personal resiliency and “not losing sight of the bigger initiative’s goals.”

The opportunity to share ideas and have a two-way dialogue with current students is what really motivates Kathryn to participate in this Leadership Breakfast Series. She is excited to engage with people from a different demographic than herself, as well as share her own ideas and experiences.

Rob TheodosiouRob Theodosiou
President, Abe Erb Brewing Co. & Settlement Co., Entrepreneur & Investor

Rob has a long history of successful entrepreneurship, from creating the Ryerson Academy private school, to opening his own brewery/pub and coffee roaster, Abe Erb Co. and Settlement Co., respectively. In spite of his successes, there are challenges that come with coping with change, which means learning to be comfortable with the unpredictable. “Automation and factoring is predictable,” Rob says, “the human element is more difficult.” Being a great boss, and learning to adjust his expectations as his employees grow and change, is a key challenge he is aspiring to overcome.

Rob is excited to hear and learn from students, and is happy to connect through LinkedIn.

Wendy de GomezWendy de Gomez
Corporate Services Analyst, Waterloo Catholic District School Board

Since graduating from the University of Waterloo in 2011, Wendy has developed a wide range of skills through work experience and the completion of multiple certificate programs, which have given her an edge a competitive job market. To her, being prepared for the inevitability of changing circumstances is an important skill. “I have learned that adaptability is the key to success,” she says. “Each time you start something new, you learn and thus build up an ability to become resilient.” Wendy recognizes that change is the only constant in life, and the only thing to do is embrace it.

When Wendy encounters change, she deals with it by helping other people; giving herself “a purpose when the purpose of things may be unclear.” Her goal for this event is to help students know that, first and foremost, life is about change. She is happy to get in touch with students after the event through email.

Please come back soon for more alumni profiles.

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