Hydrology and Geochemistry

hydrology-geochemistrysdg 14


Helen Jarvie

Geography and Environmental Management

  • Eutrophication and water-quality management;
  • Sources and biogeochemical cycling of macronutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon) in freshwaters;
  • Impacts of nutrient enrichment and remediation on water quality and ecological status of surface waters.

Quinn Lewis

Geography and Environmental Management

  • Morphology and evolution of fluvial landscapes
  • Research on process, form, and the transfer of material and energy that links morphology and evolution of fluvial landscapes 
  • Developing new techniques to study lake and reservoir water levels globally with remote sensing


Merrin Macrae

Geography and Environmental Management

  • Effects of changing hydrologic conditions on biogeochemical processes in both natural and disturbed environments

  • Hydrologic change including those that result from land-use modification (e.g. agriculture, drainage) or climate variability

Richard Petrone

Geography and Environmental Management

  • Understanding of soil – vegetation – atmosphere interactions as influenced by hydrologic and climatic conditions

  • Trace gas exchange in wetland and forested systems
  • Interactions between vegetation and hydrology and climate (weather), and modeling the impacts of climatic and land-use stresses on these linkages

Jonathan Price

Geography and Environmental Management

  • Surface water and groundwater relations in wetlands

  • Peatland restoration
  • Forest hydrology

Michael Stone

Geography and Environmental Management

  • Environmental planning

  • Water quality
  • Sediment/water interactions
  • Water resources management

Maria Strack

Geography and Environmental Management

  • Understanding interactions between ecology, hydrology, biogeochemistry and soil properties in wetland ecosystems

  • Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions related to land-use impacts on wetlands
  • Determining impact of climate change on peatland ecosystems
  • Evaluating the peatland function following restoration and reclamation