Tourism and Rural Economies

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Heather Hall

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in rural and northern contexts

  • Regional economic development planning, policy and practice
  • Community readiness & community impacts related to natural resource development
  • Planning in slow-growth and declining communities

John McLevey

Department of Knowledge Integration

  • Social network analysis

  • Science and public policy
  • Sociology of education
  • Environmental sociology
  • Computational social science
  • Information science
  • Research methods

Clare Mitchell

Geography and Environmental Management

  • Migration

  • Counterurbanization
  • Heritage-tourism
  • Single industry towns
  • Local economic development

Sanjay Nepal

Geography and Environmental Management

  • Understanding the links between biodiversity conservation and tourism

  • Resolving conflicts
  • Assessing tourism impacts on the environment
  • Engaging communities in local development through tourism
  • Exploring linkages between tourism and natural disaster

Michelle Rutty

  • Tourism, environment and sustainability
  • Understanding the decision-making process and behavioural response of tourists to environmental change
  • Assessing climate change risks and opportunities for tourism operators and destinations
  • Developing solutions to build a more environmentally sustainable tourism sector

Steffanie Scott

Geography and Environmental Management 

  • Agro-food system sustainability

  • Small-scale producers
  • Local food systems
  • Organic and ecological food production
  • China, East Asia, Canada
  • Food systems and sustainability