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Sarah Tam and Megan Sutton.
Sarah Tam and Megan Sutton: Master's, Geography and Environmental Management 

GEM students recognized at international tourism forum

Not long ago, Sarah Tam questioned if she was on the right path. Like some master’s students, she had a hard time transitioning from her undergrad to graduate studies. But after following the advice of her supervisor, and being rewarded for stepping outside her comfort zone, Tam now knows she’s on the right track.

Carly Larsens and Dana Harvey

Carly Larsens & Dana Harvey

Master's, Environment and Resource Studies

Find out how two students are using media and marketing to assist rural Indians

For businesses all over the world there is a thin line between success and failure. Hard work, marketing and savvy can make all the difference. But in many rural Indian communities, that’s not enough. With the climatic and cultural odds stacked against them, even the most industrious Indian villagers find themselves in an everyday struggle for survival.


Yue DouYue Dou

Master's, Geography and Environmental Management

How research in the Amazon could help farmers all over the world manage an uncertain future

The Amazon estuary is a complex environment. Biodiversity, a rich cultural history and a changing climate all flow together like the streams, lakes and rivers that feed the mighty river itself. These factors, combined with fad diet trends in the developed world, are shaping the lives of farmers.


Abel Lopez DoderoAbel Lopez Dodero

Ph.D., Planning

This Planning student is working in Mexico City to revolutionize one of the world’s largest transport networks

Abel Lopez Dodero is working with EMBARQ Mexico to revolutionize public transportation in Mexico City. EMBARQ Mexico is devoted to collaborating with local transport authorities to reduce pollution, improve public health, and create safe, accessible and attractive urban public spaces.