Environment celebrates 2016 fall grads

Friday, October 21, 2016

As more than 2,200 University of Waterloo students receive their degrees over the next two days, the Faculty of Environment welcomes nearly 120 new members to the alumni family.  

Fourty-seven undergrads and 70 graduate students will walk across the stage this afternoon. Among them, two will also receive an Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies Award.

Tapan Dhar, young man leaning against counter with School of Planning sign behind himTapan Dhar completed his PhD in the School of Planning and was nominated for his scholarly excellence and numerous publications in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals. His area of research is highly relevant to sustainability science and in particular to the urban planning and infrastructure development of small island states. Dhar received his Master or Urban Design (MUD) from The University of Hong Kong and his Bachelor of Architecture from Khulna University in Bangladesh. “This recognition made me more confident and enthusiastic in investigating the potential applications of my research in different situations and contexts,” Dhar says. “It is the most significant recognition of my work, learning, patience, and my overall achievement at the University of Waterloo. My sincerest gratitude goes to my advisor, Dr. Luna Khirfan and my committee members for their guidance, support, and intellectual insight.”

Bill Hamm, young man in suit standing by GIS bannerBill (Seung Beom) Hamm recently completed his Masters of Science in Geography/GIS in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, adding to a previous Master of Science in Space Studies from the International Space University in France and an undergraduate degree from McGill University, Quebec. His thesis contributed uniquely in providing empirical evidence of problems underlying prominent threshold concept framework in GIScience and its implication for STEM education. “I am earnestly grateful and honoured to be selected for such a prestigious award," Hamm says, crediting the support of his committee members and supervisor, Dr. Su-Yin Tan. "I started to think more like a researcher in tackling and solving problems as well as to value doubt and uncertainty as central principles of learning. I will apply the same approach in the next phase of my life as I begin to pursue my career development in geomatics.”

The Faculty of Environment congratulates each and every member of the Class of 2016. We look forward to following your success and seeing you at future alumni events.

Do you know a particularly exceptional student graduating this fall? Tag us @envwaterloo and let everyone know with #uwaterloograd

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