Fourth-year, Geography and Environmental Management, Regular

Why did you choose to study in the Faculty of Environment at Waterloo? 

CassandraGeography and Environmental Management (GEM) was the most fleshed out Geography program I saw in the province. There is a whole faculty dedicated to this area of study what provides students like me, with the necessary tools to succeed post-graduation. The program provides a unique blend of lecture-based and hands-on learning that I believe gives us an edge over other university's in the province. For example, last Fall I was able to take part in a 2-week field course in the Canadian Arctic studying the effects of climate change on the landscape and people who live in these areas. GEM is also highly customizable to what you want to specifically focus on so you can adjust and select what you’re interested in!”

What do you love most about your program now?

My ability to explore so many different topics within the discipline of geography. From wetlands to glaciers, natural disasters to map-making, there is something for everyone to find their passion in. I also love the opportunity to travel with the program, this past Fall I went to the arctic to study climate change's effects on the ecosystems and communities in the Canadian High Arctic.

What do you like to do outside of classes?

I play on and manage the UW women's football team. I am also a Peer Success Coach with the Student Success Office (SSO) and I used to sit on Waterloo Association of Geography Students (WAGS) as their social director. All these experiences have greatly enriched my university experience because they have allowed me to make friends that will last me a lifetime, open myself to new adademic and professional opportunities, and have given me a sense of belonging at this school.
University of Waterloo