Faculty profiles

Olaf Weber

Associate Professor, Export Development Chair in Environmental Finance

The full (green) picture pays off

Olaf Weber joined the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development as the Export Development Canada (EDC) Chair of Environmental Finance. He’s convinced banks could have better credit risk management if they think green.

Amelia Clarke

Assistant Professor, Director, Master of Environment and Business (MEB) Program

Making sustainability the norm

In 1996, Amelia Clarke founded the Sierra Youth Coalition, Canada’s primary vehicle to support campus sustainability. Now, as graduate officer for a new masters program, she is training the next generation of sustainability professionals.

Robert de loe

Robert de Loë

Associate Dean, Research Professor and University Research Chair, Water Policy and Governance

What works best to protect our watersheds

Robert de Loë is an environment and resource studies professor who holds the University Research Chair in Water Policy and Governance. He is carrying out a nation-wide survey of source water protection policies, to find out what works best to protect our watersheds.