Fourth-year, Geography and Environmental Management, Co-op

Why did you choose to study in the Faculty of Environment at Waterloo? 

Photo of DevonI chose to join the Faculty of Environment because of the co-op opportunities that were available. Co-op really helped me figure out what I am interested in, let me build my skills and experience, and helped me manage school financially. Another thing I loved about the Faculty of Environment was its close-knit vibe, and I wasn't disappointed! Even at a big school like Waterloo, the Faculty of Environment has always had a welcoming community feel which I really value.

What do you love most about your program now?

I love the flexibility I have in choosing my classes. I feel like I got a solid foundation of knowledge through my required courses, and after that, I was allowed to create a degree that suited my goals. For me, that meant specializing in climate change and getting a minor in classical studies.

What do you like to do outside of classes?

I do a lot of baking; I'm currently doing a Great British Bake Off inspired challenge virtually with some friends. I think my biggest success so far has been my spiced plum pie.

University of Waterloo