Second-year, Geography and Environmental Management, Co-op

Why did you choose to study in the Faculty of Environment at Waterloo? 

Photo of Farah

The Faculty of Environment offers unique opportunities for students! Not only are we able to grow in a faculty dedicated only to students who are interested in the environment, but a faculty that dedicates its time and efforts to creating unique disciplines for students to develop innovative solutions to the world's most pressing issues. As a Geography student, I chose the Faculty of Environment for the variety of field courses, both local and international along with hands-on opportunities that give you the most out of your education; from Indonesia to the Arctic, the travel opportunities are endless. In addition, I found Waterloo to have the most inspirational and educated professors whom I could learn from; not only have I been mentored by them, I have also gained knowledge I wouldn't be able to find elsewhere!

What do you love most about your program now?

I love that Geography and Environmental Mangement (GEM) gives me the opportunities to learn through hands-on experiences. From field courses to international travel, I have been able to expand on my knowledge of geography and apply my education to real-life scenarios. In addition, GEM also has a variety of specialization that makes this program incredibly unique; not only can you pick one specialization that interests you the most, but you can choose to mix them all and learn from all geographical concepts.

What do you like to do outside of classes?

As a varsity athlete, I enjoy going to the gym and training for competitions. I also enjoy playing soccer intramurals at CIF and joining different clubs on campus, including the Innocence Club, Green Residence Ambassadors, and so much more.

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