Third-year, Geography and Environmental Management, Co-op

Why did you choose to study in the Faculty of Environment at Waterloo? 

Photo of Simon PopescuI was attracted to the Faculty of Environment at Waterloo for its international reputation in environmental leadership and the reputation of the Geography and Environmental Management (GEM) program as one of the best geography programs in Canada. Because GEM is an interdisciplinary program, I also knew I could gain the skills that employers are looking for in new graduates to help start my career and make a difference.

What do you love most about your program now?

As a co-op program, GEM provides valuable opportunities to gain work experience and deepen understanding of course concepts. As a hands-on learner, I found that co-op has strengthened my curiosity, self-sufficiency, and risk taking, all of which have helped me in my academic and professional career.

What do you like to do outside of classes?

I love to go on nature walks and explore the great outdoors! I also really enjoy reading fiction books, especially classical literature and poetry. The best days are when I do both at the same time! There are plenty of opportunities to discover the local environment of Waterloo like Parks Club and the Grand River Conservation Authority areas.

University of Waterloo