Environment's Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chair Stories:

Christine Dow

Christine Dow — The Explorer
Glaciers can warn us about the looming dangers of climate change, but it takes a multidisciplinary scientist (with a warm jacket) to interpret the message


Jennifer Clapp

Jennifer Clapp — The Political Economist
Somewhere on our food’s journey from farm to fork is a complex system of profit in need of untangling by interdisciplinary research


Maria Strack

Maria Strack — The Restorationist
One of Canada’s greatest natural resources doesn't need mining or refining, it just needs researchers to help us leave it alone


Sarah Burch

Sarah Burch — The Transformer
As our rapidly changing world gives us the tools we need to make positive environmental change, this researcher is building the toolbox

Canada Research ChairsOur Canada Research Chairs span different generations, disciplines and research methods. These differences matter. Research in the Faculty of Environment is inherently interdisciplinary. It connects the natural world with human behaviour in a way that identifies pressing problems. Through rigorous data-collection, analysis, and imagination they translate that into problem-solving for the real world.

These stories represent just four compelling slices of the work being done by the students, faculty and graduates of the Faculty of Environment. But common themes of climate change, government policy, collaboration, industry and ecology, represents the interconnected problems we’re all working to solve. They also send a signal that if you’re dedicated to environmental equity your work deserves to be celebrated.