Global Citizen. Sustainable Futures.

Global Citizen Internship recipient who worked with Habitat for Humanity in 2018

How you can help our students change the world.

We’re depending on our young students—tomorrow’s global citizens—to sustain our communities, our economies, and our planet.

But this is no easy task; they face complex challenges that cannot be solved in isolation, but rather require extensive collaboration across sectors, wide-ranging interdisciplinary knowledge, and deep ingenuity.

Students need dynamic experiential learning opportunities such as the Global Citizen Internships (PDF).

These internships provide University of Waterloo Faculty of Environment students with hands-on, experiential education at the workplaces of our leading not-for-profit partners.

It’s a triple-win!

Students win because they learn to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, directly serving local communities while building critical leadership skills.

The not-for-profit wins because they benefit from the creativity of Canada’s most talented and ambitious students.

Society wins because these synergistic collaborations yield new solutions to our biggest environmental challenges.

Faculty and Staff Challenge:

On May 2nd at our Faculty’s General Assembly, Dean Jean raised a challenge to all ENV faculty and staff to support our students through these internships. To date, 44% of faculty and 49% of staff have provided generous contributions to the Global Citizen Internships.  Although the deadline for matching has expired, faculty and staff are encouraged to support this initiative throughout the year.  Please join us and donate today.

Faculty and Staff Participation: 47%

Funds Raised*:


*Excluding Dean Jean’s 1:1 matching contribution.