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Course Outlines

We provide the outlines for courses offered in the Faculty of Environment in recent and upcoming terms below. Course outlines for earlier terms can be requested by contacting the Faculty of Environment Undergraduate Studies Office or the appropriate school/department. Course outlines can change between terms, so please request the outline for the specific term (or terms) you require.

Unfortunately, the Faculty of Environment does not have access to course outlines for courses offered external to the faculty. The faculty that offered the course will need to be contacted directly.

student reading a bookEnvironment and Business (ENBUS)

Environment, Resources and Sustainability (ERS)

Geography (GEOG)

International Development (INDEV)

Knowledge Integration (INTEG)  

Planning (PLAN)

Environmental Studies (ENVS)
Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Spring 2019
ENVS 105 ENVS 131 ENVS 200
ENVS 178 ENVS 178 ENVS 300
ENVS 195 ENVS 195 ENVS 474
ENVS 200 ENVS 200  
ENVS 201 ENVS 220  
ENVS 278 ENVS 278  
ENVS 444 ENVS 350  
  ENVS 469  

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