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The Faculty of Environment offers eight unique undergraduate programs spanning a variety of disciplines—all with an environmental bent and a focus on making positive change in the world.

Apply directly to one of our eight entry programs. You'll take courses in your chosen field beginning in your first year. You can further pursue your interest by customizing your degree.

Environment and Business (EB)

Bachelor of Environmental Studies | Co-op only

Stand out to future employers with your business acumen and understanding of environmental issues. Gain expertise in stakeholder engagement, industrial ecology, and environmental decision-making while developing core business skills in finance, project management, accounting, marketing, and law.

Environment, Resources and Sustainability (ERS)

Bachelor of Environmental Studies | Co-op available | Joint Honours available

Use insights from the natural, physical and social sciences to help solve some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges, from water and food, to energy and biodiversity. Learn about conserving and restoring ecosystems and explore issues in environmental politics, policy and governance.

Geography and Aviation

Bachelor of Environmental Studies

Earn a Bachelor of Environmental Studies while completing flight training to acquire your Commercial Pilot Licence. Gain a deep understanding of landforms, weather patterns, and the computer technology behind tools such as geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing.

Geography and Environmental Management (GEM)

Bachelor of Environmental Studies | Co-op available | Joint Honours available

Explore the Earth’s human and physical environments, and gain technical skills in environmental analysis. Learn about climate change, landforms, global population growth, geographic information systems, and more at one of the Canada’s top geography programs.


Bachelor of Environmental Studies | Co-op available

Combine the power of computing with geographic and environmental analysis. You’ll learn to use tools such as remote sensing, computer mapping, geographic information systems (GIS), and GPS to analyze information and make meaningful decisions.

​International Development (INDEV)

Bachelor of Environmental Studies

Be a catalyst for change. Tackle problems of economic inequality, social injustice, and environmental change, and apply your skills on an 8-month overseas placement.

Knowledge Integration (KI)

Bachelor of Knowledge Integration | Joint Honours available

More than a traditional arts and science program, Knowledge Integration lets you explore and integrate your many interests. Pursue a traditional specialization or create one that is uniquely yours, and develop skills in design thinking, creative problem-solving and collaboration to make a difference in the world.


Bachelor of Environmental Studies | Co-op only

Tackle the environmental and social challenges facing our cities and rural areas. You’ll gain skills in effective transit planning and sustainable planning practices, and study topics such as economics, law, design, and health.

Joint programs with universities in China

Joint education programs with universities in China are available in Geography and Environmental Management, Geomatics, and Environment and Business. Students complete their first two years of study at their home university in China and then complete a further two years of studies at Waterloo, receiving a degree from each university.

Visit Environment International Education Programs / 环境学院国际教育合作 to learn more about our 2+2 program.