Program requirements

Students in class, listening to professor teach.

Degree requirements

Degree-specific requirements may be found in the Faculty of Environment chapter of the Undergraduate Calendar. You must normally satisfy the requirements set out in the calendar for the year in which you first entered the Faculty or you may choose to satisfy a set of requirements specified subsequently.

Minors, specializations, options, and diplomas

You can customize your degree with minors, specializations, options, and diplomas. Take a look through your specific program’s information or contact your academic advisor.

Undergraduate Communications Requirement

The Faculty of Environment requires that all students have basic competency in English language communications – oral, written and other media – in order to be successful in their university studies. First-year, required courses have been identified in each program to provide the English language communication skills that are the foundation for successful completion of degree requirements.


Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is mandatory for Environment students who are:

  • enrolled in a lab
  • use the Environment darkroom and workshop
  • enrolled in a course which stipulated WHMIS as a requirement (e.g., ENVS 200)

Even if not mandatory for you, it is in your best interest to complete WHMIS. The training is available through LEARN. WHMIS certification from sources off-campus are not recognized at the University of Waterloo.