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Tuesday, March 12, 2019 — 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT

Several green fish swimming left, one gold fish swimming rightPlease note our new date. The previous event was cancelled due to severe weather and campus closure. Join us Tuesday, March 12th for take two...

How to Market Yourself: Selling your unique skills and attributes in a competitive job market

The Leadership Series was created to give students from the Faculty of Environment an opportunity to connect with and learn from alumni through discussion and small-group networking. This term, we are excited to offer our first evening event focused on how to market yourself to potential employers in the competitive marketplace, with special presentation by Centre for Career Action Advisor, Alicia Flatt.

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Alicia Flatt (MA Arts 2015, U of Toronto) is a career advisor at the Centre for Career Action at the University of Waterloo who coaches students on how to develop their personal brand, market themselves, and how to connect to key players in the workforce. Along with presentations to large and small groups, she offers individual appointments on résumés, cover letters, networking and work search, and interview preparation. When not in the office, you may find her playing ultimate Frisbee or drinking strong coffee, though never simultaneously. 

"The secret to good networking is to be genuinely curious about the person with whom you are having a conversation. Learn from them! Typically the employer or alumnus will eventually turn to you and say: 'Tell me a bit about yourself.'  Until then, you are in the driver’s seat. Ask the questions you care about!"


Event Schedule:

  • 5:00 p.m. - Arrival, registration and mingling
  • 5:30 p.m. - Opening remarks with Dean Jean Andrey
  • 5:25 p.m. - Presentation on How to Market Yourself with Career Advisor, Alicia Flatt
  • 5:45 p.m. - Small-group Roundtable Discussions (five rounds of 15 minutes)
  • 7:20 p.m. - Closing remarks and group photo
  • 7:30 p.m. - Reception
  • 8:00 p.m. - Event concludes

This event is free but capacity is limited to 100 students. Dress is business casual and refreshments will be provided by UW Catering. Please register by Friday, March 8, 2019 by noon.

*Please note, this registration link is for students only. If you're an alumnus interested in getting involved in our next event, please fill out our online form. 

If, after registering, you are unable to attend, you must notify the advancement office as soon as possible so students on the wait list can participate in your place. Students who fail to show up without prior notice will not be able to attend future Leadership Series events for two consecutive terms. 

Stay tuned for our next Leadership Series event in Fall 2019.

Meet the Roundtable Alumni Mentors: 

*Note: due to rescheduling, alumni participation is still pending. This page will be updated as availability is confirmed.

Joan Ang (BES 2012, Knowledge Integration, BASc 2012 Systems Design Engineering) is a Corporate Energy Analyst at the Region of Waterloo. As a designer, artist, systems design engineer, and knowledge integrator, Joan uses her career to explore the intersection between art, technology, design and community. Her interests include sustainable buildings, user experience, creative writing and exhibit design. Joan enjoys the symphony and collecting library cards, and never plans to own a car.

"Know what you want, know what they want, communicate how you can work together."

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Contact: LinkedIn


Tony Cheng (BES 2018, Environment & Business) is a recent grad who developed a varied skill set in B2B SaaS Marketing during his undergrad. He most recently brought these skills, along with a love for video, to his former role an Associate Product Manager at Vidyard; a company that helps marketers generate and uncover leads, increase customer engagement and understand the true impact of video. Currently, he spends his spare time collecting and selling rare sneakers as well as getting quoted in Huffington Post Canada articles. Other than that he is an avid photographer, enjoys drinking overpriced coffee and is an expert in The Office trivia.

“In today's modern world your knowledge and skill-set can only get you so far, but what it comes down to is the people you know and the genuine connections that you build that will help take you to the next step.”

Nicholas Cloet (BES 2010, Environment & Business, MEDI 2018) is the Planning Coordinator, Climate Change at the Region of Waterloo where he is coordinating the development of a community-scope Climate Adaptation Plan for Waterloo Region. Nicholas has volunteered for more than eight years with Sustainable Waterloo Region, where he creates and updates resources for local members of the Regional Sustainability Initiative, and previously worked for My Sustainable Canada as a Project and Research Coordinator. Nicholas enjoys reading for fun and tries to cultivate other hobbies, including gardening and leading a Dungeons and Dragons game for his friends.

"In addition to introducing me to friends and colleagues, volunteering has allowed me to demonstrate initiative and has led to new job opportunities." 

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Contact: LinkedIn

Danielle Collins, Ec.D. (MAES 2015, Local Economic Development) is an Economic Development Policy Analyst at the Ontario Federation of Agriculture where she is passionate about fostering economic viability and innovation in farming and the broader agri-food sector. Her comprehensive background includes community-based planning, policy, and statistical analysis in rural economic development and the agri-food sector. When out of the office, Danielle can be found playing with her golden retriever or curling up with a tea and a good book.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that includes professors. Half of the job openings are through word-of-mouth and never posted. Networking is the single most important way to advance your career and land your dream job.”

Kyle Davis (BES 1998, Environment, Resources & Sustainability and Biology) is the Risk Management Official for Wellington Source Water Protection, a partnership of the eight municipalities in Wellington County. Previously, Kyle worked for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for more than 11 years in a variety of positions, including Senior Environmental Officer, Issues and Project Coordinator and Terrestrial Scientist. Prior to his time with the Province, Kyle worked across North America for SEACOR Environmental Inc. as an Environmental Scientist.  Kyle’s career is focused on environmental compliance and management/protection of groundwater including contaminated sites.  Kyle lives in Elora with his wife, daughter and their dog.  He spends lots of time at the local rink supporting his daughter’s figure skating and makes a spicy homemade salsa.

"In the environmental field, technical or regulatory knowledge is important but people skills are critical.  An employer can always teach new staff the necessary technical skills much easier than people skills. When marketing yourself, highlight your people skills and don’t sell yourself short."

Graham Eby (BES 2014, Environment & Business) is an Aquatic Biologist at Aquafor Beech Ltd., an engineering and environmental services company focused on watershed planning, environmental restoration, stormwater management, fluvial geomorphology, environmental assessment/permitting, water resources engineering and municipal infrastructure design. Graham was given the award, "Most likely to live off the grid" at the Faculty of Environment grad ball. He still has the certificate, but can’t seem to bring himself to cancel Netflix. 

“Confidence goes a long way: I applied for a management role with Amazon right out of school not expecting to get as much as a second look. Next thing I knew, I was sitting in an interview room, full of MBA grads wearing expensive suits, eyeing each other up for the job of a lifetime. Me, an environmental guy, a sense of confidence, and a Hawaiian shirt, found myself traveling to Seattle the next week to start my career with one of the biggest, most powerful companies in the world... A Hawaiian shirt!"


Chelsea-Anne Edwards (BES 2016, Geography & Aviation) is currently a First Officer with Sunwing Airlines, where she has been employed since graduating from the Geography and Aviation program in 2016. Chelsea-Anne was selected as a cadet upon graduation and a few months later began training on the Boeing 737 as a first officer. In the past two years, Chelsea-Anne has completed over 1400 flight hours all over the world, including the Caribbean, Canada, United States, Ireland, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, and many more. Chelsea-Anne has a love for travel, hiking and exploring new places, and spending time in museums and art galleries around the world.

Anne Filion (BKI 2018, Knowledge Integration) is the Discovery Lab Coordinator at St. Paul’s Greenhouse, an on‐campus innovation community that supports students wanting to tackle social and environmental problems at the University of Waterloo. Some of Anne’s responsibilities include conceptualizing, designing, and facilitating various design sessions and discovery labs for students, developing lab materials for participants and organizers in the program, building and maintaining program partnerships, and coordinating the use of a co-creation creative space for students, alumni, and other partners. Beyond her work at GreenHouse, Anne performs research on creativity and workplace innovation and is passionate about finding new ways to incorporate creative work and design in traditional contexts. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, rollerblading and traveling.

“When marketing yourself, asking the right insightful questions to see where you fit is just as important (if not more!) than talking about yourself”

Joe Harris is the Engineering Team Lead - Community Development at the Waterloo office at Stantec, an international firm that collaborates across disciplines and industries to bring buildings, energy and resource, environmental, and infrastructure projects to life. Joe has been servicing the development industry for over 16 years in various sectors including commercial, power/sustainability, residential, industrial, and institutional development. Joe is married and has 2 sons, now 14 and 11, and was on the varsity hockey team at Waterloo from 1994-1999 while attending university. His hockey career then extended for 3 additional years beyond graduation, where Joe played professional hockey in the United States.

“The best way to market yourself is to under-promise and over-deliver. In the consulting industry, quality execution and ‘on-time’ delivery of a project is an invaluable way of securing your next project!”




 Contact: LinkedIn

Kristen Harrison is a Senior Ecologist and Project Manager at North-South Environmental Inc., an environmental consulting firm that specializes in the description and interpretation of ecological features and processes for environmental management, natural heritage planning and design. Kristen has a keen interest in planning ecology and the intersection between the urban/developed and natural systems, but she still loves 'geeking out' on a juicy dataset or other fun technical challenge. Outside of 'work', Kristen is happiest on a trail run, backcountry camping, sharing good beer, or reading; all the better if they're combined! 

"Marketing yourself isn't a sales pitch. It's being passionate, honest and knowing how you add value to the places you work."


Christy Humphrey (BES 2010, Environment, Resources & Sustainability) is a Terrestrial and Wetland Biologist at Natural Resource Solutions Inc. in Waterloo.  Christy’s primary areas of expertise are botany and bat ecology and her focus is technical excellence and project management in the identification, evaluation, and features.  Christy authored the Recovery Strategy for Eastern Small-footed Myotis in Ontario and has pioneered the capture of Eastern Small-footed Myotis bats in cliff habitats of the Niagara Escarpment with co-worker Heather Fotherby.  In her spare time, Christy enjoys spending time at the cottage, curling, and painting.

“As a generally shy person, one of the most important things I've learned when networking, meeting new people and putting myself out there is that people are never as scary as I think! It helps to remember that everyone is a real person, with their own worries and fears, just like you. Seeing the person behind the title makes it much easier to approach them and make conversation.”

christy humphrey holding a bat

Contact:, or LinkedIn 


Zahra Jaffer profile pictureContact: or LinkedIn 

Zahra Jaffer (MES 2013, Planning) is a Planner with Dillon Consulting Limited. She has with a long-standing interest in the equity issues that reside at the nexus of the natural, political, and social environs. With research experience in Canada, Kenya, and the UAE, Zahra’s work has often focused on cross-cultural urban design and sustainability. She was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and has also lived in the US and the UAE. In her spare time, she enjoys a range of film and literature and discovering new running routes.    

"All experience matters - seek out opportunities that align with your interests to expand your network and grow your skills outside of academia and formal work, and use these to differentiate yourself."


Scott Lepold (BES 2011, Environment & Business, MMSc 2016 Mgmt Sciences) is a Program Manager, Electric Vehicles at FleetCarma where he works closely with electric utilities, government(s), sustainability organizations, research institutions, and corporate fleets to develop and implement various Electric vehicle programs and research projects. As a product and market expert, Scott manages the; program scope, contract negotiations, customer relationships, program execution, and speaks as a thought leader at various conferences across North America to advocate for the increase of electric vehicle adoption. Prior to working at FleetCarma, Scott held various roles in marketing and product management with different sized tech companies.In Scott's spare time, he likes to play the guitar (or more accurately... just make noise), play pick up hockey, and watch the TV series, 'The Office' for the 1000th time.

"There are always skills you have acquired and responsibilities earned in roles you may think provide no value to your growth, but can be leveraged to showcase your corporate worth and build your career from."


Rada Medic profile pictureContact: or LinkedIn  

Rada Medic (BES 2007, Environment & Business) works at AECOM as an EHS Compliance and Management Systems Specialist, where she applies her interdisciplinary expertise in environment, health, safety, risk assessment, corporate social responsibility, and business admin. Previously she worked as an  HSE Specialist at CBRE, managing the national environment, health and safety program of Petro Canada maintenance across Canada and is responsible for program delivery, quality control, and policy and procedure development. In her spare time, she likes to recharge by running, spinning and yoga.  After graduating from UW she spent a year in Egypt on an internship program.

"As I am on the cusp of an introvert/extravert personality and can be timid at times, marketing myself does not always come naturally.  By understanding my weaknesses, building my self-confidence and recognizing that my talents outweigh my fears I have been able to take steps to market myself and push forward in this competitive industry."


Ryan Mounsey (BES 1999, Urban & Regional Planning) has more than 19 years of private and public planning experiences with progressive levels of responsibility.  Ryan has worked on a broad range of projects such as the School of Pharmacy development, Waterloo Urban Design Manual, the CIGI Campus and Barrelyards.  He is currently a Senior Economic Development Advisor at the City of Waterloo, where he works to facilitate and enhance strategic economic development objectives, priorities and special projects. His responsibilities include strategic land dispositions (city land sales such as The ARC lands), local investment (and business) attraction, incentives, zoning advice and special projects such as the Lime E-Scooter Micro-Mobility Pilot.  Ryan was a long time member of the OPPI Urban Design Working Group, an active guest lecturer and he is currently writing a book on city-building in a Top 25 Startup Ecosystem.

"Pull on your strengths and discover how your energy, enthusiasm, and expertise, can help your employer or client grow together - also be willing to learn and give projects time as they mature.  Your opinions may evolve, or become sharper, with increasing experience."



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Kyoungil (Alex) Park (BES 2018, Geography and Aviation) is an aspiring airline pilot, currently working as a Class 3 Flight Instructor with 500TT at Canadore College where he instructs and teaches ground school to future private and commercial pilots. Alex is a Second Lieutenant Reserve Force Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces and was also a Class 4 Flight Instructor with MAG Aerospace Canada.


Tyler Plante (BES 2008, Environment & Business) is the Outreach and Program Coordinator at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he connects with students and faculty to encourage sustainable behavior change. Tyler is also the Creative Director at Barn Door Creative, a media agency focused on helping good people tell great stories. In 2017, he co-founded a non-profit organization to create awareness and support for the Region's Countryside Boundary Line. Hold The Line hosts an annual cycling + music festival while engaging the community and local governments throughout the year. Tyler also sits on the Board of the Ontario College and University Sustainability Professionals network and the Region of Waterloo’s Inter-Municipal Partnership for Active Transportation committee. Tyler also has a Master’s in Business Entrepreneurship & Technology from the Conrad School of Business, at Waterloo. In his spare time, he is a guitarist in the world’s greatest animal themed band The Honey Badgers!

“Never underestimate the value of building your own social capital. If you consistently and genuinely bring value to others, without expectation of reciprocation, more often than not it will come back to you multiplied.”

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Contact information:, LinkedIn, or @trplanet on Twitter & IG


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Contact: LinkedIn

Wanda Richardson (MAES 2010, Planning) is the Vice President of Canadian Federal Services at AECOM, a global organization that designs, builds, finances and operates infrastructure assets for governments, businesses and organizations in more than 150 countries. Wanda leads the Canadian Federal Government portfolio and provides expert advice on a range of strategic planning and business development initiatives. She has a strong history in partnership development for both the public and private sectors and was also employed in government relations and strategic initiatives at the University of Waterloo.

"Networking is more about giving than receiving.  Focusing on helping others get introduced to new people and initiatives makes a rich and productive experience."


Ailish Wade (MES 2014, Sustainability Management) is a Senior Sustainability Consultant with Premier Environmental Services Inc., where she works with clients to support operational sustainability and workplace wellness, including their pursuit of WELL Building Certification. Previously, Ailish worked as a Sustainability Consultant for Jones Lang LaSalle, where she developed and implemented a sustainability engagement program at office buildings on behalf of landlords for tenants and occupants. In her spare time, Ailish fosters kittens for the KW Humane Society and Grand River All Breed Rescue. She also enjoys camping and spending time outdoors and at her cottage. 


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Sarah Walker (BES 2013, Environment Resources & Sustainability) is the Co-Founder of Boosh, an organic and vegetarian lipstick line she created after discovering she was allergic to chemical food dyes in regular beauty products. Before launching Boosh, Sarah did a one-year coop as the Acting Manager of Education at rare Charitable Research Reserve. She also studied with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in the Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Health program. 


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