Wendy De Gomez

Alumni Achievement Award nominee:

Wendy De GomezWendy de Gomez’s passion for lifelong learning and desire to have a positive impact have led her on numerous adventures, some far away, and some closer to home. Having studied academic fields as far reaching as political science, environmental studies, population health, community and regional planning and human geography, Wendy has worked to assist child and youth workers, the homeless, people with disabilities, and Canadian immigrants and refugees.

Currently, Wendy works as a Corporate Services Analyst for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board where she recommends ways to improve services, plans communications strategies and assists with analysis and workflows. In her spare time, she is a dedicated volunteer at St. Anne Catholic Elementary School, where she applies her creativity and drive to school fundraisers and events.

Wendy has completed several degrees over her academic career, including a Bachelors in Political Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Masters of Environmental Studies from University of Waterloo. Throughout her academic life, she has earned a number of scholarships and awards, authored numerous conference presentations and has contributed to more than ten published works.

Her adventurous nature has led Wendy to many different parts of the world. While in high school, she attended a Model UN Environmental Programme Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. Later, while an undergrad in university, she completed an internship in Harare, Zimbabwe, where she brought and distributed gently used shoes she had collected from her local community. Upon completing her Bachelor of Arts, de Gomez journeyed to Warsaw, Poland for a short time to teach English as a Second Language, before pursuing her Masters.

While her reach has been global, perhaps some of Wendy’s greatest impacts have been in her hometown of Bala, Ontario where she, along with five other students, rallied citizens to help preserve a local waterfall from a hydroelectric development. Wendy initiated a scholarly analysis of the project that was turned into a citizen’s guide, which encouraged citizen participation, and environmental screening before construction began. It was widely circulated among local politicians, the media and residents, and although Wendy has since stepped back from the Save-the-Bala-Falls project, to date, there has been no further development and the natural state of the falls remains.