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Rhys (M.Sc. Waterloo) is responsible for the management and operation of the Environmental Isotope Laboratory, its staff, equipment, student users, and many University of Waterloo and external clients, with the primary objective of developing and applying isotope technology in environmental and geological research.

Reem (B.A. Waterloo) is primarily responsible for the complete range of administrative activities required to facilitate the effective day-to-day operation of the Environmental Isotope Laboratory (EIL). This includes facilitating research, financial oversight, and numerous organization and coordination functions.

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Cheng (B.Sc. Waterloo) is primarily responsibile for working with faculty, staff and external clientele providing client correspondence, maintaining logs, files and sample numbers. She is also be an integral part of the team supporting isotope analyses in the Environmental Isotope Laboratory (EIL) by performing analytical sample preparation and measurements as required.

Darlene (B.Sc., Queen’s) is responsible for the preparation of organic and inorganic radiocarbon samples for dating at AMS facilities. Her responsibilities include the extraction of DIC from water for 13C DIC determinations and break-seal combustion sample preparations for AMS. 

Bill (B.Sc., Waterloo) oversees solid sample, elemental analyzer (EA) based isotope analysis. Covering the preparation and analysis of 13C and 15N in solid samples on the Thermo Finnigan-DeltaplusXL/ Costech 4010 continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometer (CF-IRMS); the determination of 34S in inorganic and organic materials on the Micromass-Isochrom / Costech 4010-EA CF-IRMS; and 18O analysis of solid samples on the IsoPrime CF-IRMS through high temperature pyrolysis using the Elementar Pyrocube EA. Bill assists in trouble-shooting, maintenance and repair of the mass spectrometers and related peripheral equipment, as well as updating computer hardware and analytical / operating software. 

Humam (M.Sc., Waterloo) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Thermo-Finnigan DeltaplusXP Gas Chromatograph-combustion-isotope ratio mass spectrometer (GC-C-IRMS) and the IsoPrime Gas chromatograph-combustion/Multiflow-isotope ratio mass spectrometer(GC/MF/-IRMS). He also provides back up for 37 Cl and 81Br isotope analysis.

Justin (BA, Wilfred Laurier) is responsible for the preparation and analysis of Dissolved Sulphate and Nitrate samples for 15N, 18O and/or 34S isotope determination and 2H and 18O in water by LGR Laser ans/or IsoPrime-EA-IRMS and C+18O in carbonates on an IsoPrime_MF IRMS. 

Oana (M.Sc. Waterloo) is responsible for organic and inorganic samples for 37Cl and 81Br isotope analyses and the operation and maintenance of the IsoPrime-DI/CF/GC, Delta-V-DI/CF/GC and MAT 253-DI/CF/GC stable isotope mass spectrometers. She also provides back up for organic samples for 2H and 13C on the Thermo-Finnigan DeltaplusXP gas Chromatograph-combustion-isotope ratio mass spectrometer (GC-C-IRMS) and the IsoPrime Gas Chromatograpgh-combustion/MultiFlow-isotope ratio mass spectrometer (GC/MF/-IRMS). 

Amy (B.Sc., McMaster) is responsible for initial sample pre-treatment determination and execution (ion exchange, Azeotropic distillation), electrolytic enrichment, preparation, final analysis (liquid scintillation counting) and result calculation of samples for tritium analysis.