What if I have questions during the exam?

Questions about exam content cannot be answered by ProctorU during the exam session and instructors are encouraged to provide guidance in advance to students on how questions will be addressed. If your instructor wishes to take questions from students during the exam the proctor may relay any exam related questions to instructors in the fashion communicated by the instructor. Otherwise, students are encouraged to document any questions or concerns in the exam space where possible.

Still have questions or concerns?

Additional test-taker information is provided on the ProctorU Test Taker Information site.

See What Happens During the Exam Launch Process? Waterloo is using the Review+ Proctored Launch, and does not use challenge questions during the log in process.

ProctorU provides live test-taker support. You can open a support ticket, or start a live chat with their support representatives, or call (855) 772-8678.

If you experience issues with LEARN, please send an email to learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca

Questions about personal information and privacy at the University or about our responsibilities under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation, should be directed to the Privacy Officer at fippa@uwaterloo.ca.