For Spring 2019 there will be proctored mid-terms for the following online courses:

  • ACTSC 231 - on campus exam will be held on Saturday June 22, 1  - 3 pm EST
  • MATH 228 - on campus exam be held on Saturday June 15, 1  - 3 pm EST

Mid-terms written with proctors must be written between 1 pm on the same Saturday as the on-campus exam and 3 pm on the Monday immediately after, and have a 2 hour duration.

Please make sure your proctor is willing and able to print and scan 8 1/2" x 11" or A4 sized paper, as they will be provided with a digital copy of the exam.

The mid-term proctor submission form will close at 4:30 pm EST, Friday May 24, 2019.

You will require a proctor to supervise your mid-term if any of the following apply:

  • you live more than 100 km from Waterloo
  • you have an academic conflict
  • you cannot write examinations for religious reasons; you will be required to provide documentation
  • you have special needs that preclude writing in Waterloo; you will be required to provide documentation.  You must register with Accessibility Services for any accommodations.
  • you are in active military or diplomatic corps service

The proctor submission deadline is 4:30 PM EST on Fridayn May 24. No proctors will be accepted after this date.

You will also need to choose an exam centre or submit a proctor for your final exam.

How to find a proctor

You are responsible for finding an appropriate proctor. The proctor must not be related to you in any way (including by marriage or common law), must not reside at the same address as you, and must not be currently enroled in a Waterloo online/distance course. We need to be able to verify the information the proctor submits to minimize academic integrity issues. Proctors must read English fluently.

Who can proctor:

  • Teachers/educational professionals (active or retired) above the pre-school level
  • Administrative employees of a university, school, or college
  • Religious institution officials (e.g. priest, rabbi, pastor, minister, nun, monk, or imam)
  • Library staff
  • Human resources training/development staff (only for co-op students)
  • Military officers (only for members of the military and their spouses)
  • Health care workers (for students registered with Waterloo's AccessAbility Services)
  • Contact North Centres
  • National College Testing Association sites - United States

What you need to know about submitting your proctor information

Waterloo pays proctors $15 CAD/hr. Students are responsible for any additional fees. We will reimburse for shipping costs to return the examination to us.

Once you submit the form, you will receive an email confirmation, and we will send an email to your proctor asking them to complete their personal information form. Once that form is submitted, you and yor proctor will also receive confirmation by email. We will then verify the proctor's submission and email you both when the proctor is approved, or in the case where the proctor is not eligible.