Proctored Mid-terms

The proctor submission deadline was 4PM EDT on Friday September 28, 2018. No proctors will be accepted after this date.

For Fall 2018 there will be proctored mid-terms for the following online courses:

  • ACTSC 232
  • STAT 230
  • STAT 231

Mid-terms being written on campus will be held on Saturday October 27 1-3pm.

Mid-terms written with proctors must be written between 1pm on Saturday October 27 and 1pm on Monday October 29 EDT, and will also have a 2 hour duration.

Please make sure your proctor is willing and able to print and scan 8 1/2" x 11" or A4 sized paper, as they will be provided with a digital copy of the exam.


You will also need to choose an exam centre or submit a proctor for your final exam.


What you need to know about submitting your proctor information

Waterloo pays proctors $15 CAD/hr. Students are responsible for any additional fees. We will reimburse for shipping costs to return the examination to us.

Once you submit the form, you will receive an email confirmation, and we will send an email to your proctor asking them to complete their personal information form. Once that form is submitted, you and yor proctor will also receive confirmation by email. We will then verify the proctor's submission and email you both when the proctor is approved, or in the case where the proctor is not eligible.