The Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) is here to help Waterloo faculty and instructors produce online courses. Developing an online course at Waterloo takes approximately 8 - 12 months, and course authors should be prepared to devote approximately one day per week during that time-frame.

CEL is currently working closely with the Waterloo’s six faculties and Affiliated and Federated Institutions to develop a yearly planning and intake process for the priority online course development projects determined by your Faculty or Institution. Our target is to have this process implemented for the next academic year. If you would like to submit a request for future online course development, please email the following information to Dina Meunier, Associate Director, Online Learning:

  • course name
  • course code
  • full name of course instructor / author, and
  • full name of chair/ department head.

Once the new process is finalized, CEL will share your date-stamped request with your respective Faculty or Institution for consideration in the initial development cycle.