Membership fees

FAUW fees are 0.525% of your base salary, charged on a monthly basis and rounded to the nearest five cents. CAUT and OCUFA membership fees are included. Part-time members are only charged the CAUT and OCUFA part-time fees x 1.5.

See section 2.5 (Association Dues and Payroll) of the Memorandum of Agreement for more information.

Tax receipts

Faculty Association dues are tax-deductible. They are reported on your T4 (box 44), which is available in Workday by the end of February each year.

You will get a notification in Workday (and an email from the University) letting you know when your T4 is available. To find it again later, go to the "Pay" section of Workday, then "Tax documents."

To access past FAUW dues receipt in Workday:

  1. Click the Cloud icon (or photo if you added one).
  2. Click View Profile.

  3. Select Personal from the menu.

  4. Click the Documents tab. Recent slips will appear at the end of the list.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at or extension 35935.