Membership fees

FAUW fees are based on a mil rate of 0.525% of the average salary for each rank, charged on a monthly basis and rounded to the nearest five cents. CAUT and OCUFA membership fees are included. Part-time members are only charged the CAUT and OCUFA part-time fees x 1.5.

See section 2.5 (Association Dues and Payroll) of the Memorandum of Agreement for more information.

2017–2018 fees


Monthly dues









Clinical Lecturer


Part Time


Tax receipts

Faculty Association dues receipts are available online through myHRinfo each February, for those who normally view their pay or T4 information electronically.

Paper copies are mailed out to those employees who do not view their pay information online or who did not give consent for their tax information to be provided online.

To view your receipt online:

  • Log on to myHRinfo
  • Navigate to the menu item Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Faculty/Staff Association Slip.
  • Click on ' View/Print' and it will open in PDF format.

Please be sure to turn off your pop-up blocker so the form can open.

For more detailed instructions, you can reference the information from HR about accessing your T4 slips. If you have any questions, please direct them to HR/Payroll at ext. 38845.