The FAUW Appreciation Award recognizes people from across the University who have gone above and beyond to improve the lives of faculty members. 

Past recipients

2021: Monica Vesely, Centre for Teaching Excellence

Monica received the award for her thoughtful work on the New Faculty Planning Committee over the past few years, her leadership in redesigning orientation for online delivery in 2020, and the many other ways in which she welcomes new faculty members and helps to set them up for success.

2019The executive committee of the Renison Association of Academic Staff (RAAS)

Formed in February 2018, RAAS has been working tirelessly to provide faculty and academic librarians at Renison with the support and protection that our own members have enjoyed for decades. 

2018: Stewart Forrest, Plant Operations

Stewart received the award for his work representing CUPE Local 793 on the University Pension and Benefits Committee, where he has been a consistent champion of the rights of all uWaterloo employees, including faculty.

2017: Al Binns, director of Police Services; Lynne Taylor, past chief negotiator for FAUW; and Linda Brogden, occupational health nurse

Al Binns received the award for compassionately and discreetly helping faculty to navigate confidential emergency situations; Lynne Taylor for negotiating and co-chairing the 2015 salary anomalies review, and securing regular anomaly reviews into the future; and Linda Brogden for supporting faculty members through some of the most difficult times of their careers and for her role in changing the conversation about faculty illness and mental health on campus.