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Our People - Executive committee

Bryan Tolson
519-888-4567 x33377
E2 2316
Contact for: 
Any questions, comments or suggestions about which you don't know who else to talk to; parental leave concerns

Meet Bryan:

My research is focused on modelling and optimization of water resources and environmental systems such as hydrologic systems and water distribution networks. I am based in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department and have been a professor at Waterloo since 2005. 

As FAUW president, I will endeavour to continue to improve policy and practice at UW impacting faculty working conditions. I will listen to faculty and make sure issues and concerns are discussed and addressed at the appropriate levels. I want to see faculty engagement with FAUW continue to increase.

In my spare time, I drive taxi to and from my boys’ sporting events and like to cheer on the Blue Jays.

Directors; Executive committee
Shannon Dea
519-888-4567 x32778
HH 329

Meet Shannon:

My research areas include the history of philosophy, sex and gender issues, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. I am a current grad chair, faculty senator, and member of the board of governors. In the past, I have served as an undergraduate chair, as an academic program director, as a faculty teaching fellow, and in various other leadership roles at the university, and in national and international academic organizations.

My particular interests as a FAUW board member are equity and inclusiveness, good policy, and governance broadly construed. As well, I serve on the Faculty Relations Committee.

I'm happy to chat with faculty members about any issues they might like raised with the board, especially issues related to equity and to university policies and governance.

My hobbies include doing pub quizzes, cooking and eating out, and raising my eyebrow skeptically at the world. You can follow me on Twitter at @ShannonDea1.

Directors; Executive committee
Dan Brown
519-888-4567 X36278
DC 2516
Contact for: 
Questions about the FAUW budget

Meet Dan:

I do research on a number of seemingly unrelated areas: design of algorithms for evolutionary tree recovery, teaching computers to write poems, analysis of music lyrics and genres, and harm reduction in gambling. It’s a funny career.

I’m the treasurer of the Faculty Association, and am serving on the Faculty Relations Committee. Previously, I’ve been quite active on FAUW’s Equity Committee, and on Senate. I am also my unit’s undergraduate director.

My partner Daniel and I, and our dog Rover, live in a loft in downtown Kitchener, where I cheerily garden tomatoes 20 metres in the sky.

Directors; Executive committee
George Freeman
519-888-4567 x32876
EIT 4163
Contact for: 
Concerns or suggestions about how FAUW represents your interests

Meet George:

I'm from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and enjoy research in algorithms for signal processing. My favourite undergraduate teaching is first-year computer programming for biomedical engineering. I’m also preparing a new graduate course in statistics for biomedical engineering to launch in May 2017.

I've been around Waterloo (undergraduate student 1974-79, graduate student 1979-84, faculty member 1985-present) for some 42 years! From 2009-12, I was FAUW president and I now serve on the FAUW board as acting past president. I am passionate about academic freedom, collegial governance, and university quality. I'm currently part of a vibrant University committee working to redraft Policy 76 (Faculty Hiring).

In February, I like to be found with friends and family on the streets or beach of Bucerías, Nayarit, México — not too far from a bottle of Corona. I want to speak more Spanish but it's proving an uphill struggle!

Directors; Executive committee; Elections Committee
Brent Matheson
519-888-4567 X37212
M3 2006
Contact for: 
Issues concerning lecturers

I am a Continuing Lecturer in Math/Business and Accounting where I am the Program Director for the Financial Analysis and Risk Management (FARM) Program. I co-founded the program about 11 years ago.

Prior to coming to the University of Waterloo, I spent time in the insurance and accounting industries. In those roles, I worked primarily in the areas of investments audit and compliance as well as corporate insolvency.

I am a husband and a father of two children. In my spare time, I like to spend time in amusement parks with my family. The bigger the coaster, the better. My family have travelled extensively in Canada, the United States and even the United Kingdom to ride the biggest and best.

I am happy to hear from anyone with concerns that need to be brought to the attention of the Board.

Directors; Executive committee
Johanna Wandel
519-888-4567 x38669
EV1 126

I’m an Associate Professor in Geography and Environmental Management. My research is focused on human dimensions of climate change, particularly how human communities can, could, or should adapt to existing climate variability and future climate. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in resource management and climate change, though I’m just as happy to take on undergraduate core disciplinary courses.

I’ve been at Waterloo since 2008. The longer I’m here, the more I see the value in taking on service commitments and realize just how much we, as faculty members, shape our institution. I’ve done a stint as interim chair of my department, I currently sit on Senate, and I have and continue to take on a diversity of committees including UARC, DACAs, departmental curriculum reviews and the like.

My not-at-work life revolves around outdoor activity, from sedate and dignified gardening to longish backcountry trips which are the polar opposite of that. In winter, I spend my time fighting with a frozen shut bike locker and going winter camping with a wood stove.

Directors; Executive committee