Lori Curtis (on leave)

Lori Curtis

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Meet Lori:

Since coming to UW, I have been an active participant on departmental, faculty, and university level committees that allow faculty to have input on their working environment. In the last 12 years of working with FAUW, I have been a strong proponent for faculty on the Pension and Benefits Committee (P&B), the Faculty Relations Committee (FRC), the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee (AF&T), and in policy development.

I have been Chair of AF&T for the past three years. I've worked diligently to secure the equitable treatment of all faculty members, to safeguard their academic freedom, and ensure that collegially developed UW policies are equitably adhered to within the university. I have assisted individual faculty members with the tenure and promotion process; during investigative processes; and with obtaining the benefits they deserve at work, on leave, and even into retirement. I have witnessed inequitable treatment of faculty that was not successfully remediated, whether because there were no relevant policies, administrative interpretation of policy differed substantially from FAUW/AF&T, or policies were outdated. In many cases, the faculty members were marginalized, precariously employed, newly appointed, and/or experiencing health issues.

When issues are brought to AF&T, it is up to the individual faculty member—with the assistance of AF&T—to fight for their rights. I take all this experience and knowledge with me as I become President of FAUW and move to working on matters that affect faculty at large.

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