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Weizhen Dong

Weizhen Dong
519-888-4567 x37768
PAS 2059
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Concerns relating to inequity/inequality, exclusion, bias and discrimination

Meet Weizhen:

I am a faculty member from the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies, where I teach courses such as Comparative Healthcare Systems; Health, Illness and Society; and Sociology of Health. My scholarly work includes areas of social policy, social determinants of health, population health, and healthcare financing. Most of my research aims to explore ways in which equity and equality can be achieved in areas of social security and healthcare access, particularly for improving disadvantaged populations’ quality of life and overall wellbeing.

As Chair of the Equity Committee (formerly the Status of Women & Equity Committee, or "SWEC"), I wish to promote a healthy workplace culture that nurtures our fellow faculty members’ academic excellence and ensures all members’ wellbeing. I also want to promote respect and caring which should be the basis of inclusion on campus.

Committee chairs and liaisons