So you're thinking about running for the Board...

Acting as a director of the FAUW Board is an opportunity for you to represent your colleagues in maintaining and overseeing the collegial governance model of the University. It is a great way to gain experience with the functioning of the University, including developing, revising, and enforcing the various policies that members of the University of Waterloo community are subject to.

We're glad you're interested in running and hope that this page provides you with the information you need to make a decision. If you still have questions, please reach out to a member of the Elections Committee.

What qualifications do I need?

You don’t need extensive existing knowledge of University governance as a new Board member; FAUW aims to make the Board a supportive environment in which you learn as you go. We're also holding a workshop on university governance on March 2 that would be useful for future directors.

You do need to be a voting member of FAUW with a commitment to representing the best interests of your colleagues.

What would I actually do?

Directors are expected to stay current on issues before the Board, and to attend biweekly Board meetings (Thursdays from 2:30–4:30 p.m.) from September to June and 4–6 other FAUW meetings per year, such as General Meetings and Council of Representatives meetings.

Beyond that, Board members are encouraged to have, or develop, their own interests in leading special projects that work for positive change in the University experience. For example, you might sit on a mental health committee, develop resources to advise faculty, or bring up unit-specific issues that are not yet on the Board’s radar. These projects often become collaborations with other, similarly passionate, directors. In this way, you can build your service responsibility to the University in a way that is both relevant to your performance review and personally interesting and rewarding.

How much time am I committing to?

With this project work, the time commitment, at certain periods, exceeds that necessary for biweekly meetings, but this extra time is spent working on goals that are important to you. On average, current Board members report spending an average of 2–3 hours a week over the whole experience, and note that this time can be accommodating of personal and family schedules.

What's it actually like?

Here’s what two current directors have to say about their time on the Board:

I’ve been delighted to be involved with FAUW these past couple years: it’s a great way to understand the University as a whole, and to both focus on what’s wonderful about Waterloo as a university and a workplace, and help fix some of the problems that inevitably happen here. Also, the samosas are tasty.

Dan Brown, Computer Science
(FAUW Treasurer and Director representing the Faculty of Mathematics)

Being on the FAUW Board has taken me out of my Science bubble and given me insight into what makes this university tick. There is definitely a time and energy commitment beyond the biweekly meetings, but none of this is make-work—you will find yourself getting drawn into issues you really care about. Warning: involvement with FAUW can be highly addictive!

Heidi Engelhardt, Biology
(FAUW director-at-large)

Okay, convince me.

Directors are elected by the greater FAUW membership (this year, by members in each Faculty), and the act of running, regardless of the result, offers a chance to positively engage with a variety of colleagues outside of your unit.

We encourage you to embrace this opportunity to learn how the University works, to voice the concerns of your home unit and Faculty, and to prevent faculty exploitation by safeguarding the proper functioning of University policy.   

How do I run?

Details about the process of running for the Board are available on the 2018 Election page.