Information for Council of Representatives members

Thank you for representing your unit on the Council of Representatives!

Your role

Council members (except those from the Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo and LAUW) must be active FAUW members.

Council members are expected to:

  • attend two joint meetings of the Council and Board per year (in the fall and winter terms);
  • attend the FAUW general meetings (December and April);
  • keep constituents informed about what's going on with FAUW, including events and requests for feedback or information, at department meetings or otherwise;
  • let FAUW know about relevant concerns or developments within units, including bringing anonymous feedback from constituents to the FAUW board or staff; and
  • promote the benefits of membership in FAUW to faculty members.

Council members might also be invited to:

  • recommend committee members and award nominees, and 
  • serve on FAUW committees.

What you can expect from FAUW

  • Timely updates and requests for input on key issues throughout the year.
  • Summaries of the recent non-confidential business of the Board at each Council meeting.
  • Council meeting notes and slides to share with your colleagues.