Pregnancy and parental leaves

Waterloo provides many of its employees with pregnancy and parental leaves and also with supplemental benefits during those leaves.

  • The leaves are job-protected, unpaid leaves of absence, during which you will probably collect Employment Insurance (EI).
  • Supplemental benefits are the top-up pay that the University provides to supplement your EI payments, to keep your total income closer to normal during your leave(s).

These leaves and benefits are provided under Policy 14 – Pregnancy and Parental Leaves (including Adoption), and the Return to Work (hence the short-form “P14 leaves” that you’ll see on this page). We cover the basics here as a starting point, but you will need to read the full policy to fully understand how your own leave(s) and benefits will work.

Policy 14 was overhauled in April 2021 and some of the key changes are noted on this page. The new policy came into effect on April 6. Note: FAUW filed a grievance concerning eligibility for the new policy, and reached an agreement with the University in June 2022. The agreement extends the application of the revised Policy 14 to faculty members whose pregnancy leave of absence started on or after December 8, 2020, and before April 6, 2021 (and whose parental leave therefore started on or after April 6).

Where to find information

What you need to know

Who to talk to

  • FAUW's Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee, if you have any questions about the new policy, particularly about the temporary return to work and workload options.
  • Human Resources, for questions about what you’re entitled to and how to get started and to notify them of your leave (at least two weeks in advance).
  • Your chair/director, only to notify them about your leave in relation to teaching duties (preferably at least two months in advance).
  • The Office of Research, for information about how your leave affects a tri-agency research grant.
  • Your dean, if you have research continuity concerns (see section 15 of the policy).